Josh Brent on Sideline Not a Smart Move.


During the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburg Steelers game, Josh Brent was caught by cameras roaming the Cowboys sideline like any other inactive player. Problem is that he recently was charged with manslaughter when he wrecked while intoxicated killing teammate Jerry Brown. It’s turning into a P.R. nightmare for the Cowboys.

Brent has now been banned from the sideline after a stink was raised about it and both Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett cowardly say they had no idea he was going to be there. HERE If you choose to believe that they knew nothing of him being there, go ahead, but this blogger is calling bull on that one.

Wasn’t Brent in the locker room prior to the game? How could Jason not know? Did Brent just hide in a player’s locker then run out with them on the field? Some teammates gave him a ride there (he isn’t allowed to drive).

Brent is a very big dude and he was the one not wearing a Cowboys uniform. Should have been easy to spot. Just sayin’.

Jason has been out spoken in his determination to support Brent during this time. Jason is not going to let a little thing like getting drunk, driving, and killing a teammate in a wreck while intoxicated, stand in the way of backing up his players. While I can appreciate supporting teammates, this is going a bit too far.

The mother of the victim spoke out that she wanted Brent to receive support and help that he needed. I think Jerry and Jason need to use caution in not reading too much into that statement. Yes he needs help with his problem and the organization should see that he gets it, but she didn’t say go on like nothing ever happened. Brent must face some serious consequences for his poor choices and judgement that night.

Jason has stated that the team doesn’t condone drinking and driving but the problem is Sunday in front of a national audience it appeared that the organization didn’t have much of an issue with what Brent did. Those images said much more than Jason could ever say at some lame press conference.

As a long time Cowboys fan, I can’t say it made me proud to see Brent hanging out on the sideline.

Is it really a good idea to have a guy with a known drinking and driving problem hanging out with the team? Can anyone else see how that may go wrong? Again….

UPDATE 12/27/12: New Details just make the Cowboys look worse for even having him on the team to begin with.
Brent had served 30 days in an Illinois prison for driving drunk in 2009. He had an expired and suspended Illinois driver’s license, and is barred from driving unless he has a valid license.


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  1. You’re absolutely right…the organization can & should give this troubled young man the support he needs but it was totally inappropriate to have him standing on the sidelines with the team at the game. He did eventually leave (and has been banned from the remaining games) but the PR damage was already done…

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