Does Jason Garrett’s Fate Rest on Sunday’s outcome with the Redskins?

Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett

Owner Jerry Jones has not said that Jason is playing for his job Sunday night when the Cowboys have a show down with the Redskins for the NFC East title. In fact, Jerry has dismissed that he is even considering replacing Jason right now.

I would expect an owner to say that with a big game coming up where a victory would win the NFC East and have the Cowboys hosting a playoff game. There is still a possibility that this all will have a happy ending for Jason and Cowboy fans.

Earlier this season former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson said he believed Jason was coaching for his job this year. I tend to believe that Jimmy should have a good idea about the situation in Dallas since Jerry was once his boss.

When the Browns played in Dallas, Jerry visited with former coach and soon to be ex-GM of the Browns, Mike Holmgren. Both Jerry and Mike denied anything was up with that visit. Again, you would expect them to say that even if something was up.

If the Cowboys manage to pull out an upset against the Redskins in Washington, finishing 9-7 and consequently winning the NFC East, then I think there is little doubt that Jason will remain as the Cowboys head coach. I can’t imagine there being any coaching change at all in that scenario. It will be easy to make the case that some progress has been made at that point.

But what if Dallas losses the game to finish the season 8-8 and miss the playoffs again this season? Last season Jerry was on a mission after the Cowboys lost their last game of the season to the Giants, which caused them to miss the playoffs and finish 8-8. He replaced long time secondary coach Dave Campo and brought in a new offensive line coach too. Several player personnel changes were made with an emphasis on revamping the secondary.

If the Cowboys lose to the Redskins, then I think Jerry must take a serious look at replacing Jason Garrett as head coach. If he doesn’t replace him, then we can come to only one reasonable conclusion…..Jason has photos of Jerry with an inflatable doll! I mean what else could save this guy for crying out loud?

Mark Twain is credited with saying, “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story” and that reminds me of the situation in Dallas. The Jason Garrett as head coach of the Cowboys story is a good one, but it’s the unfortunate facts or results on the field that get in the way of the nice story.

Fans realize a lot is at stake in that game Sunday night but Jason’s fate as the Cowboys coach just may be on the line too.


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  1. J. Jones is all about the tradition in Dallas, viewed 2nd only to Green Bay in the US football world. Jones is good enough to squeak into the playoffs with a win, possibly, BUT hasn’t proven that tradition of being a contender year after year. Some teams would be happy with 500 records, but not the Cowboys.

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