Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones says “Changes are Coming.” And this time he means it!

Jerry has had enough. And he means it this time too.

Jerry has had enough. And he means it this time too.

After another disappointing finish to a season, Jerry says he is “very upset”, “very irritated”. He should be. Frankly, I like it that Jerry isn’t happy with another 8-8 finish and no playoffs. The fans aren’t happy either.

Jerry went on to point out, “There are a lot of teams that haven’t been at .500, but nobody hasn’t been at .500 and spent as much cash as I’m spending.”

You’re preaching to the choir Jerry! You actually spent over the salary cap and got in trouble with the NFL Commish. for it too. Nothing more frustrating than cheating and still losing. I mean what’s the point? If you spend more money than everyone else, you should at least win more games than you lose right? But the man has little to show for all that spend in terms of wins and losses anyway.

As Cowboy fans you may think, “hey haven’t we heard this kind of talk before?” Yes, just last season as a matter of fact. Jerry was madder than a wet hen after losing to the Giants last season and went on a mission to straighten this thing out once and for all. And here we are a year later facing the same scenario like we are stuck in that “GroundHog Day” movie or something. You know like some time loop.

After last season Jerry made major changes to the offensive line and I blogged that fans should not have high expectations for the new offensive line. I said prior to this season,

New O Line coach, Two new guards who are younger and bigger but probably not better, a very young left tackle with no prior experience on that side, and a center that struggled last year. “Deja vu.” Or as they say in less haughty parts, “Been there, done that and bought the T-shirt.”

See changes were made on the line but they didn’t lead to improvements. Classic Jerry Jones. Give the fan base hope and worry about the results later.

So when Jerry now says “changes are coming”, what does he mean?
(As usual, Jerry’s comments lack detail so I will once again provide the reading between the lines for you)
GM- Jerry is the owner and happens to be the GM too. With some of the personnel moves in the past, a change in GM would be justifiable however, Jerry has already ruled out the possibility of firing himself. That’s not happening.

QB- With the way Romo has played in big games over the years, a change here seems like a no brainer but Jerry pledges his full support for his interception tossing, big game choking signal caller. Romo hasn’t come through in 10 years so is it realistic to think that year 11 is going to be the year? Regardless, Jerry is sticking with Romo. No change here.

Head coach Garrett– Prior to the Redskins game, I pointed out that Jerry fully supports Garrett but don’t be shocked if that changes after they lose that game. BLOG HERE

Now Jerry isn’t so supportive of his coach. When asked if he would make a change here, Jerry basically said “no comment”. That can’t be good news to Garrett. “No comments” aren’t good from Jerry. I mean he could have defended Jason like he did his QB. But he chose not to.

At this point I think Jerry is looking at his options but doesn’t have a puppet or another coach in mind yet. Bottom line is I doubt this changes this year.

Defensive coordinator Ryan– The defense certainly had a poor year and actually played worse as the year progressed. Their defense finished near the bottom of the NFL in points allowed (24th) and in rushing yards allowed (22nd). Now Ryan will tell you about all the key injuries they had and yes, there were key injuries. But it is pretty much an excuse when you consider that all teams lose players during the course of a season. He didn’t lose them all!

Besides the tackling was horrible and that is just inexcusable. Jerry jones said, the Cowboys “need to look at the fundamental things,” Was he referring to the lack of tackling against the Redskins and other games during the season? I would consider tackling pretty fundamental.

Anyway this blogger thinks coach Ryan’s days in Dallas may be numbered. Jerry may be looking at another defensive and/or offensive coordinator.

Player personnel– There are a number of players who are on the backside of their careers and are now costing more than they are worth. These players may be replaced at some point in the off season but the question is, will Jerry upgrade that position or just find some back ups that other teams are eager to unload like he did the O line?

OT Doug Free, NT Jay Ratliff, WR Kevin Ogletree, WR Miles Austin, and RB Felix Jones may not be around Valley Ranch next season. Youth is needed and Jerry doesn’t have much salary cap space to play with either.

So when Jerry says changes are coming, I think you will see changes in names and faces but the ultimate question is, will we see changes in the results? Keep your expectations in check.


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  1. Me too. Romo is one topic that really divides Cowboy fans. Some still believe he is the man and others, like me, feel it is time to move on. Love to see them draft Johnny Football, QB at Texas A&M. You see that guy in the Cotton Bowl last night? WOW

  2. dont keep loosing with the same people.if sean lee has more career intercepts than any of your corner or safetys that have been here longercut em scandrich and senibaugh come to mind they cant cover tackle or catch.last play fumble against new orleans 43 was joggin

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