Rob Ryan Fired by Cowboys: Jerry ain’t playin’ Y’all.

Ryan said he would be out of a job for like 5 minutes.

Ryan said he would be out of a job for like 5 minutes.

A few days ago Jerry Jones fired the Cowboys running back coach. Firing the running back coach for a poor running game is like blaming Ronald McDonald for a bad cheeseburger. He just plays with the kids and poses for pictures. He’s not cooking the food.

But now the other foot just dropped as Fox Sports reports tonight that Rob Ryan has been fired as defensive coordinator. HERE

Recently I blogged that Jerry Jones was making changes and when Jerry pointed to fundamentals, I speculated that it just might mean Rob Ryan. CHANGES

From that blog, Besides the tackling was horrible and that is just inexcusable. Jerry jones said, the Cowboys “need to look at the fundamental things,” Was he referring to the lack of tackling against the Redskins and other games during the season? I would consider tackling pretty fundamental. Anyway this blogger thinks coach Ryan’s days in Dallas may be numbered. Jerry may be looking at another defensive and/or offensive coordinator.

Also prior to the season I prophetically blogged that this season it was time for the vocal Ryan to, Put Up or Shut UP.

No word on who will replace Ryan yet. I would like to see them get Lovie Smith head coach fired from the Bears if he doesn’t land another head coach position with a team.

Jerry wasn’t playin’ when he said changes are coming. Buckle up and stay tuned.