Looking Like Monte Kiffin May be Next Cowboys DC: A Look at his numbers at USC

At USC, Kiffin's schemes weren't very effective.

At USC, Kiffin’s schemes weren’t very effective.

Reports from Valley Ranch indicate that 73 year old Monte Kiffin will likely be named the Cowboys defensive coordinator replacing Rob Ryan. Kiffin is mostly known for developing the Tampa 2 defense in Tampa when they won a super bowl.

It seems likely that Kiffin would change the Cowboy defense over to a 4-3 defense. That’s what he has coached in his long career.

It’s been a while since Kiffin coached in the NFL as he most recently was the DC with his son Lane at USC. So how that go? Well not too good.

Let’s face it, it takes a lot to get your son to fire you. OK he wasn’t actually fired but he left and the son didn’t have any issues with it. Monte didn’t even stick around to go to the bowl game where Ga. Tech (with a losing record going into the game) embarrased the Trojans 21-7. And trust me, Tech runs an old school offense.

Here is what his resume would look like from a couple of years coaching college football at USC in the Pac 12:

  • USC yielded 178 points while losing four of its final five games this season, free-falling out of the Top 25 after beginning the year at No. 1.
  • In a loss to Oregon on Nov. 3, USC had the worst defensive game in the history of a school that began playing football in the 19th century, giving up a school record-worst 62 points, 730 yards and nine touchdowns.
  • USC yielded 613 yards in a 39-36 loss to Arizona.
  • UCLA embarrassed USC with 513 yards of offense during a 38-28 victory on Nov. 17 – including 171 yards rushing, the Bruins’ most in the rivalry game in a quarter-century.

USC’s defense was so bad that they started putting warning on condoms that said, “WARNING: These Trojans can’t stop anything”. (rim shot) be here untill Sunday, be sure to tip your waitress.

Folks, I hate to be the buzz killer here, but numbers don’t lie. You are not likely to get this kind of information from the Cowboys official site. But that’s why this blog was started. We don’t serve Jerry Jones Kool-aid here.

Is it possible that Kiffin’s style of defense has become obsolete against the spread formation, fast paced, offensive schemes of today? Some of those numbers indicate they may have. At least in the Pac 12. No wonder he wants to get out of sunny and warm LA and back to the NFL.

It makes one wonder, “has anyone hired Ryan yet. Can we get him back?”

Has Jerry Jones even bothered to look up this kind of thing or is he just looking all the way back to 2002 when the Tampa 2 was effective against 2 runs in the middle and a pass on third down? NFL offenses have changed just a little since then. If Kiffin thinks he is returning to the old NFL offenses he faced, he may be in for a rude awakening.

Kiffin’s defense is a bend but don’t break philosophy that focuses on defending against the deep pass. (More on that in another blog if he is announced as the DC.)

When you are a Cowboys fan, never, ever, say things can’t get worse than they are…..

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