Will Cowboys Support Jay Ratliff Unconditionally Too?

After the Steelers game in December, I blogged how I was pretty much disgusted with how the Cowboys let Josh Brent roam the sideline after being charged with manslaughter. BLOG HERE

In that blog, I sagely warned,

Is it really a good idea to have a guy with a known drinking and driving problem hanging out with the team? Can anyone else see how that may go wrong? Again….

Of course there is no way I could have known that something would happen so soon after that PR disaster for Dallas but I did speculate that as a coach and owner, you can always expect more of whatever you tolerate.

By not making a strong stand against Josh Brent and his crime, they left the door open for similar behavior in the future.

Fortunately, Ratliff wasn’t killed in his accident but it would be wise for Jerry and Jason to separate themselves from Ratliff……that includes no roaming the sideline or hanging out at Valley Ranch.