Cheap Shots: Observations of News Around the NFL

Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has been hired by the Rams. STORY
UPDATE 1/29/13: NOT SO FAST! The Rams are not going to hire Ryan. HERE

My Take: The Rams will play at Dallas in 2013 and you can expect Ryan to fire some verbal torpedos at Jerry and the entire Cowboys organization. Make that the whole Cowboy nation and everything with a star on it.

Ryan did that this season when Dallas played the Browns where Ryan coached previously. Ryan felt the Browns didn’t get him. Dallas was lucky to get a win against the Browns and their defense looked better than Ryan’s in the game. Good luck Rams and you may want to go ahead and tear off a big piece of duct tape the shape of Ryan’s mouth.

Speaking of Ryan, head coach Jason Garrett says they “broke off” Ryan because of a lack of turnovers created by the defense. STORY

My Take: I think Jason makes a valid point here. Through out the season I pointed out that the Cowboys were near the bottom of the NFL in takeaways (minus 13). Kiffin’s Tampa 2 defense allows yards but is designed to create turnovers. At USC, Kiffin’s Trojan defense had 19 INTs last season. We will see if the Tampa 2 can be effective at creating turnovers in Dallas.

Jason also pointed out that the Bears defense created 44 turnovers. While Ryan’s defense may have lacked turnovers, Garrett’s offense didn’t lack in giving the ball away. Garrett’s offense contributed to those impressive Bears numbers so perhaps Jason should focus on what his offense can do to keep from giving the ball to other teams. If not, he may be the one broke off next year.

Speaking of Garrett, Jerry announced that Jason will no longer be the play caller for the offense. It will now go to Callahan who has experience doing it in the past with the Raiders. STORY

My Take: Now that Jason Garrett has been completely neutered by Jerry, I just wonder exactly what is it that Jason does now beside stand on the sideline looking like a 10 year old kid. Will he focus on improving his clock management? It’s clear that Jerry is the conductor on this Cowboys train but if it jumps off the track next season, Jason will be held accountable. That’s got to be a bad feeling.

Speaking of Callahan, at the same time Jerry was crowning him as play caller, former Raiders Jerry Rice and Tim Brown alleged that Calahan sabotaged their super bowl game against Tampa 10 years ago. The timing of Jerry’s announcement couldn’t have been worse. STORY

My Take: I’ve not seen conclusive evidence that Callahan sabotaged anything and frankly I don’t believe it. It just doesn’t make sense. Having said that, it’s concerning that he has former players with trust issues on that level. It’s not a good sign. It appears Callahan’s game plan was so poor that it must have seemed like he was trying to lose. Often ineptness and corruption can have a similar appearance.

Manti Te’o interviewed with Katie Couric and she bluntly ask, “are you gay?” He replied, “no far from it, far from it”. STORY

My Take: Not sure how the Te’o interview escaped Oprah but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I’ve heard enough of this bizarre story. If Te’o ever watched the TV show “Catfish”, he would have known he was being punked by some guy.

As far as his orientation goes, who cares? But I do think the more Te’o tries to convince me he is not gay, the more I think he probably is gay. What does FAR from it mean anyway? Like there are different levels of hetero?

As Shakespeare wrote, “Te’o doth protest too much, methinks.”