Want to make it into the NFL post season? DON’T THROW INTERCEPTIONS

As I comb through NFL stats, I often look for something that winning teams have in common and something that losing teams have in common. A quest, if you will, for the supreme stat that is the sure predictor of NFL success. I think I may have discovered it. And it’s not good news for the Dallas Cowboys with Tony Romo as their quarterback.

Teams who throw the most interceptions, tend NOT to make the playoffs and teams that protect the ball, tend to make the post season. That may not sound all that profound or surprising but it is interesting. It really doesn’t take anything else into account.

LEAST in INTs= playoffs
9 of 10 NFL teams ranked as throwing the LEAST interceptions in the 2012 season, made the post season.
The one exception was the Carolina Panthers who failed to make the playoffs, even after not throwing a lot of INTs.

11 of 12 teams ranked in throwing the MOST interceptions in the 2012 season, failed to make the post season.
The one exception was rookie QB Andrew Luck and the Colts who managed to make the playoffs while throwing a high number of INTs.

Romo and the Cowboys finished with 19 INTs ranking as the 3rd most in the entire NFL. Only the Cards and Chiefs threw more. The two teams in the super bowl combined for a total of 19 INTs as the 49ers only had 8 and the Ravens had 11.

Since the season ended, Jerry Jones has been on a mission firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and changing the defense to a 4-3. But it appears that Garrett and Romo are getting a bit of a free pass in all the changes. As long as Romo continues to throw the ball to the other team frequently, Dallas will likely be at home watching the playoffs.

Is it Romo or the coaching that’s the problem? This blogger doesn’t know for sure but with Dallas not changing either one, shouldn’t we expect the same results?