Top 10 signs your team’s top draft pick may be gay.

This week a lot of noise was coming out of the NFL interviews about prospects being asked inappropriate questions regarding their orientation. Predictably, the NFL stepped in and said they were looking into it with an effort to prevent these type of questions being asked to NFL prospects. STORY

So now that teams can’t ask and in the spirit of late night TV,

Top 10 signs your team’s top draft pick may be gay:

10. Sings the song “It’s Raining Men” while in the shower.

9. Insist on wearing the pink uniforms even when it’s not breast cancer awareness week.

8. Game program list favorite movie as “Brokeback Mountain.”

7. Has disdain for wearing white jerseys after Labor Day.

6. Suggest changing team name from Dallas Cowboys to Dallas Jolly Ranchers.

5. Refers to “illegal use of hands” penalty as “getting frisky”.

4. Locker room suddenly receives a make over complete with a walk in closet for cleats.

3. Is late for pregame meetings because he was helping cheerleaders with their hair.

2. Lady Gaga poster in his locker.

1. And the number one sign your top draft pick may be gay,
When a teammate gives him a pat on the bottom for making a good play, he says “there’s more where that came from.”

My disclaimer: This was strictly an attempt at humor and doesn’t necessarily reflect my views of anything. Hey, I would be fine with Jerry Jones selecting a QB who is (a word that rhymes with Romo) if he could win a stinkin’ playoff game which Romo can’t ever seem to do.


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  1. That’s funny stuff–I don’t care who you are! “Dallas Jolly Ranchers” seems to be a fitting name (after the way the team has played recently)–and we may want to keep an eye out for any players still wearing pink (when it’s not breast cancer awareness week) or refusing to wear white after Labor Day…

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