Could Jerry Jones Be Looking to Trade Down in the 2013 NFL Draft?

In the 2012 NFL draft, Jerry Jones traded up to get CB Morris Claiborne at number 6 but might he trade down in the 2013 NFL draft? There are compelling reasons to think he just might look to do that but of course when it comes to Jerry, the word “unpredictable” certainly applies. Trading up doesn’t look like an option this time but moving down and adding a pick may be a good move.

Cowboys have six picks:
Remember that last season out of desperation to find a center, Jerry traded his 7th round pick in the 2013 draft to the Dolphins for center Ryan Cook. That means Dallas has only 6 picks in the 2013 NFL draft. I think Jerry would like to add a pick some how, some way, so we have our motive to make a trade down.

While Jerry may have his eyes on some top offensive linemen in the draft, such as Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, Lane Johnson, Jonathan Cooper, and Chance Warmack, reality is these prospects are likely to be off the board when the Cowboys pick at 18.

Trade down with Vikings?
I think the Vikings may offer the best opportunity for Jerry to work out a deal to move down in the draft and add a pick in the process. The Vikings have two first round picks however both of them are late in the first round at #23 and #25. Recently, the Vikings traded WR Percy Harvin to the Seahawks so it goes to figure that they just may want to draft a good WR early in the draft.

Yes they did recently sign Greg Jennings from the Packers but he was injured a lot last season and will soon be 30. Besides, their young QB could use all the help he can get at wide receiver.

WR Tavon Austin:
I’m speculating that the Vikes would love to have WR Tavon Austin who has great speed and made spectacular plays while at West Virginia. Earlier Austin was projected to go late first round in the draft but after a solid combine performance, his stock is on the rise. At CBS NFL prospects, Austin was ranked in the 20s overall but has recently moved up to #18 overall. That’s where the Cowboys are picking in the first round.

Can the Vikes afford to wait back at 23 and hope Austin falls to them? And with two picks in the first, why take that risk? I think the Vikings may be willing to make a deal to move up and get Austin at 18. Jerry could move down to 23 and perhaps pick up a 6th or 7th round pick from the Vikings. By the way, the Vikes have two picks in the 7th round so they have room to deal.

Who could Dallas draft at #23:
If the Cowboys moved down to #23, there are some prospects that should be available who also could fill needs for the Cowboys.

OT D.J. Fluker- Alabama:
The big 6-5, 339 tackle could start right away at right tackle for Dallas and allow them to part ways with the disappointing and way over paid, Doug Free. A move that would likely turn out to be quite popular with the fan base. Fluker’s physical blocking style could help Dallas get their very weak running game going.

DT Kawann Short-Purdue
Recently Dallas cut DE Marcus Spears who had been with them for 9 seasons. I thought Spears could possibly go back to DT (his position at LSU) in the 4-3 defense but Spears signed with the Ravens. Now Dallas sure could use a 4-3 DT to rotate in on a defensive line in need of some youth.

Short has ideal size and experience to play DT in a 4-3 defense. Draft analyst Rob Rang has the Cowboys picking Short at #18 in his mock draft but I think they still could get him at 23. Making it a smart move.

DE Alex Okafor-Texas
Jerry franchised DE Anthony Spencer but it’s still possible that Spencer will be traded for more draft picks. If that should happen, then they could use a DE and drafting Alex Okafor in the late first round would be a solid selection for Dallas. Okafor is outstanding against the run and will also provide pressure on the QB. I think he could replace Spencer nicely and cost significantly less money than Spencer, under the rookie pay scale.

Trading down to add picks while still managing to draft a player you need, just makes good sense. If Tavon Austin is available at #18 then Jerry should call the Vikings and tell them he loves this WR. And then ask “how bad you guys want him?” Believe me, I would like to see Dallas draft Austin for themselves but I think Jerry will perceive his WR situation is all good.

While the teams drafting 19 thru 22 may not be in the market for a WR, if Austin is the best player on the board at that point, then there is a significant possibility they will pick him before the Harvin-less Vikings get an opportunity.

The Cowboys have many areas that need to be addressed and they are transitioning to a new 4-3 Tampa 2 defense, which means they could certainly use some additional picks. On draft day, things just may fall into place allowing the Cowboys to add a pick.


2 thoughts on “Could Jerry Jones Be Looking to Trade Down in the 2013 NFL Draft?

  1. If all of the top “blue-chip” linemen are taken by the 18th pick, I wouldn’t mind seeing Jerry trading down, to recoup that “wasted” draft pick on a Center that won’t even be starting–and go for Texas DE Alex Okafor. Getting Okafor, who looks like a beast, would allow them to entertain trade offers for Anthony Spencer from other teams (for a high draft pick or two)–as Spencer has basically been an inconsistent underachiever (except for his 2012 contract season) and may not be able to transition to an effective DE in Kiffin’s 4-3 scheme.    But since the Vikings signed WR Greg Jennings, I wonder if they will consider trading up for Tavon Austin–or be looking in the draft to fill other needs…but like you say, things just may fall into place for the Cowboys on draft day–and since they aren’t able to sign any free agents, let’s just hope they do! 


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