Cowboy Doug Free and Jerry Jones Engaged in a Stand Off

Will Doug Free be on the Cowboys offensive line in 2013? That’s a big question for Cowboy fans these days and based on his play the last couple seasons, I imagine many of them would like to see the team free of Free.

Deadline: If Free is cut after June 1, he saves the team $ 7 million against the salary cap and in Jerry’s world, that’s paramount.

Recently Jerry said of Free,

“I’d like to keep him,” “We think that Doug Free can be an important part of the team. He’s been here. We know him. We think that with what we’re doing in other parts of our offense, certainly in the offensive line, that this will bode well for him. So we think he can really be an asset to us.”

My Jerry Jones translation: Doug Free better take that pay cut I offered him or he will be cut on June 2nd faster than a defensive end can fly around Free to sack Romo. It’s not like any sane GM out there is going to over pay Free as much money as I did. He’s lucky I’m offering him anything.

But Jerry didn’t want it to sound so much like an ultimatum by adding,

“It’s no secret that we’re trying to renegotiate the contract,” Jones said. “But I think it’s a wrong assessment to say that anybody’s saying ‘take it or leave it’ or we’re at our wit’s end or those kinds of things. That’s just not the way I see it going.”

My Jerry Jones Translation: Free agent tackle Eric Winston is on my speed dial and my finger is on the number. It’s your call Doug. Sign or pack.

My Final Take: With free agent tackle Eric Winston still available, and the fact that Jerry can remove $7 million of valuable salary cap, I can’t see how Doug Free is holding the cards here. Would any other NFL team pay Free the amount of money he is getting now?

Free better take that reduced contract PDQ or Jerry will move on June 2nd.
UPDATE 5/16Free signs for less money