Jerry’s Draft Board Leaked: Does it Matter?


Jerry Jones’ draft board was leaked….again.  STORY

It’s the kind of blunder that would get a GM fired but when the GM owns the team, that’s not happening.

Some want to make a big deal about this happening but does it really matter? It’s not like Jerry goes by his own board anyway. He could have handed out copies of his board before the draft and it wouldn’t be much help to other teams because Jerry can be impulsive during the draft, not staying close to his own flawed board.

Call Outs:

1. Shariff Floyd– The biggest call out on his board is the fact that DT Shariff Floyd was ranked 5th overall on their board but Jerry passed on picking Floyd who was available at #18 before Dallas traded down. When asked about it, Jerry said Floyd wasn’t a good fit for their new 4-3 defense although the experts agree he could play in either the 3-4 or 4-3. Was Jerry right and the scout experts wrong? (Consider it a rhetorical question).    

Well the obvious question is, if you weren’t going to pick Floyd, then why was he ranked so high on your board? It just doesn’t add up.

2. Travis Frederick–  The Cowboys pick at #31 was actually ranked on their board as a 2nd round pick. Many considered that pick a reach as other teams had Frederick more as a 3rd or 4th round selection. If the Cowboys had him as a 2nd round pick, then why didn’t they just wait until the second round to select him? It’s highly likely Frederick would have been available when they picked in the second round. It was a reach even according to their board!

Why not pick a safety at #31?

I really thought Dallas was going to draft a safety with their first pick. Both Matt Elam and Johnathan Cyprien were available at #31. So what happened?  

Matt Elam– Safety Elam was one of the players missing from their board entirely. He was available at #31 and was taken by the Ravens with the very next pick at #32. Speculation is that Elam had some character question marks and wouldn’t be considered the right kind of guy, as head coach Jason Garrett likes to point out. But what do the Ravens see in Elam that Dallas did not?

Safety Johnathan Cyprien was also available at #31 but the Cowboys had him as a third round pick and passed on him. Cyprien was the first player chosen in the 2nd round.  The Cowboys did have Cyprien ranked slightly higher than JJ Wilcox, the safety they drafted.

Defensive lineman :

Surprisingly the Cowboys didn’t draft a defensive lineman but I found it interesting that they had DT Everett Dawkins listed as a third round pick. In my mock draft, I had Dawkins going to Dallas in the 5th round and thought he would have been an excellent fit for their 4-3 defense. While they weren’t able to draft him, they evidently considered him a good fit too. Dawkins was drafted in the 7th round by the Vikings so picking him in the third would have qualified as a reach for sure.

My Take: Seeing Jerry’s draft board is about as useful as getting a clear view of the paper of the worst student in the class, while taking a test.


2 thoughts on “Jerry’s Draft Board Leaked: Does it Matter?

  1. What’s the use of having a draft board if DT Shariff Floyd, who they had ranked 5th, was still available but Jerry chose to ignore him & trade down– where he reached for C Travis Frederick (ranked in the 2nd round on their board).  Then like you said, why was S Matt Elam, who wasn’t even listed on their board, grabbed by the SB-champion Ravens (who know something about drafting defense) with the next pick?!   How about players who went in the first round to other teams but were not even listed on the Cowboys’ board–like LBs Jarvis Jones & Alec Ogletree…and other players taken in the first round who were ranked much lower on the Cowboys’ board–like CBs D.J.Hayden & Desmond Trufant, DE Datone Jones & OG Kyle Long.  So their draft board was definitely flawed but like you suggest, why couldn’t Jerry have waited & selected Frederick in the 2nd round–where their board had him?  S Jonathan Cyprien could have been a good pick at #31 but their board had ranked down in the middle of the 3rd round–and they setttled on S JJ Wilcox with their 2nd 3rd-round pick.  The final straw was that after passing on DT Floyd, they didn’t even take DT Everett Dawkins, who their board listed in the 3rd round–so not even one DL was drafted to help in Monte Kiffin’s 4-3 defense…   


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