HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ Going to the Bengals in 2013

Hard Knocks is headed to the Bengals as the show will kick off on August 6, 2013. The Bengals hosted hard Knocks in 2009 and the Bengals actually went on to win their division that season. Chad “Ocho Cinco” who is out of the NFL currently, often stole the spotlight during the 2009 version.

As far as interesting stories and players, Hard Knocks should have no trouble finding plenty of material to work with in the 2013 Bengals. In fact, the Bengals are tied with the Vikings for the most arrests of any NFL teams since 2000. The Cowboys seem to get a lot of publicity in this dubious area, but the Bengals are the team that gets in trouble. Dallas was only ranked 23rd. STORY 

They have Adam “Pac Man” Jones who can provide drama as well as comedy. I remember Jones catching and holding 6 footballs (without putting any of them down) during punt return drills with the Cowboys on the 2008 Hard Knocks.  Coach Wade Phillips found a lot of humor in that impressive but yet, completely useless skill of Jones.

Other Cowboy Connections:

Coach Mike Zimmer is the defensive coordinator for the Bengals and was the Cowboys defensive coach between 2000-2006. He lead a very good Cowboys defense in the 2003 season which ranked high in several categories. The Cowboys have gone through several defensive coordinators since Zimmer left. 

Zimmer had a lot to do with bringing in former Cowboys CB Terrance Newman who had a decent season last year. It will be interesting to see what Newman can bring to the Bengals at age 34.  While his number of tackles increased with the Bengals, his INTs dropped from 4 to 2 compared with his last season in Dallas.

Preseason Game August 24 @ Dallas

The Bengals will play the Cowboys on August 24 so it will provide an opportunity for Dallas fans to get a behind the scenes coverage of the game and a unique perspective that HBO’s Hard Knocks often provides.

Rookie Running Back

The Bengals drafted RB out of North Carolina, Giovani Bernard, who will be very entertaining to watch in camp. At UNC he provided exciting plays running the ball, catching the ball, and returning punts. I think the Bengal coaches are going to enjoy this new weapon and fans will enjoy watching him make plays too.