Cowboys Sign Veteran Guard Brandon Moore. A Look at the Impact.

Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore

UPDATE: Moore retires from NFL. Not coming to Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys are finalizing a deal to sign former Jets guard Brandon Moore. Moore was one of the top free agent lineman out there based on his play in previous years.

Yes, it’s the infamous “butt fumble” guard. VIDEO Not Moore’s fault Sanchez ran into him.

In a blog I wrote in April, I looked at free agent linemen available and came to the conclusion that Moore would be a nice pick up for Dallas. I felt it made sense prior to all the injuries at guard. The Cowboys often come around to my way of thinking, it just takes them a while.

In the blog, I pointed out that Moore was ranked the top free agent guard by PFF with a 21.3 rating of his play last year with the Jets.

Moore is an 11 year veteran so he has been around a while but he has proven to be durable starting in 137 straight games. A durable guard is something the Cowboys could certainly use. Moore was part of the Jets O line that helped pave the way for Curtis Martin when he lead the NFL in rushing in 2004.

Why Did the Jets release Moore?
Most likely it came down to money. Doesn’t it usually?
After an outstanding season, Moore was a free agent and was due to receive a roster signing bonus of $7 million on March 5. The Jets were attempting to get Moore to take a cut in pay but with Moore playing well and making the Pro Bowl, their timing was bad to say the least. That’s when talks broke down and he was released in February. HERE

What it means to Dallas?
Frederick stays at center: The Cowboys have considered playing their top draft choice center, Frederick, at guard. In fact he played guard in the 2nd half of the HOF game Sunday night. I didn’t think Frederick looked as good at guard as he did at center and pointed that out in my recap of the game. I believe the Dallas coaches want Frederick at center where he can thrive and help the offense the most. Signing Moore allows Frederick to stay at center.

I also think the rookie center will benefit a great deal having a successful veteran guard next to him. Frederick stands to learn a lot next to Moore.

Doug Free: Free struggled last season at right tackle for Dallas so I think having an All Pro guard next to him on the right side will only help his performance. Free stands to benefit from Moore’s presence as well.

Moore has played right guard in the past so if he should become the starting right guard, who would play left guard? While it has not been determined yet, I think Leary would be a likely candidate to play left guard. He seems to have played well in action sunday night at guard.

Livings was lost to surgery and Bernadeau has not proven to be durable at all. Arkin would also be considered to play some at guard.

Overall this move could be a much needed addition to the weakest part of the Cowboys offense.