Tough Night for B.W. Webb: Cowboys who Shined and Those who Struggled

B.W. Webb

B.W. Webb

Following the preseason loss to the Raiders, I take a look at the Dallas Cowboy players who shined and the ones who struggled. I’m going to start with the ugly plays and finish on a positive note.

CB B.W. Webb
– Webb had an awful night in more areas than one.

Back in April when new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was asked about the draft he commented, “B.W. Webb, remember that name.” We assumed he meant Webb would be a name worth remembering but for now, I’m going to remember his name for blowing the preseason game against the Raiders.

With Claiborne out, the Cowboys started Webb at corner to see what they had in their rookie and right away he allowed a long completion. I’m afraid what the Cowboys found out was they have a rookie not ready to start at the NFL level yet.

Poor Tackiling– Back in a April I analyzed the defensive draft picks HERE and when it came to B.W. Webb’s tackling, I came to the conclusion the BW stood for “Brotha Whiffs”. That was based on video of him in the Senior Bowl and at William & Mary and that’s what continued in the Raiders game as well. He missed a couple key tackles.

Special team blunders– There was the obvious botched punt late in the game which essentially gave the Raiders an opportunity to win. But also earlier Webb failed to fair catch a punt and let the ball roll costing the offense yards. As if that wasn’t enough, he was on the kickoff team that allowed the 51 yard return, It happened on his side of the field as Webb was tangled up in a block for far too long.

For now, Orlando Scandrick has no worries that Webb will take playing time from him.

QB Nick Stephens– It remains to be seen how many QBs the Cowboys keep on their roster so Nick must play well to impress. He didn’t have an awful night at all but he did throw an interception which hurts him. He will have a few more opportunities to show what he can do.

TE Dante Rosario-In my view, Rosario turned the Raider loose that blocked the FG attempt. At first I thought it was a missed assignment for Arkin however after farther review, Rosario should have blocked Branch who was inside of him. At least that’s how I saw it.

Being able to contribute on special teams would help Rosario’s chances to make the roster but in the Raiders game, he hurt his chances a bit.

WR Danny Coale– Coale finally got a chance to show what he can do after missing last season with injuries and this season too. He was called for a hold that negated a nice run by Randle. He finished with only one catch for one yard. Coale must show something very soon or he may not make this roster.

On to positive plays..

WR Cole Beasley– Beasley is fighting to make the roster again this season and he convinced me he should make it last night with a nice TD catch from Orton. He finished with 3 catches and 49 yards. Beasley injured his foot during the game but x-rays were negative and he should be OK.

Safety JJ Wilcox– Last week I called out Wilcox for his poor play but JJ bounced back nicely this week with an INT in the endzone to prevent a score. Wilcox showed he is an excellent open field tackler too. Lead the team in tackles last night.

However if anyone thinks Wilcox is ready to cover NFL WRs, they need to realize Wilcox isn’t quite there yet. On a Raider TD pass, it appeared Wilcox should have been helping Moore over the top but failed to get over there in time resulting in a TD.

Wilcox will be a fine NFL safety eventually but he needs more development for now.

Center Travis Frederick– At center Frederick’s pass blocking is far superior to Costa who also plays center. Frederick at guard doesn’t impress me near as much. The Cowboys will be wise to find another guard and leave Frederick at center where he can really help the team. Nice game by Frederick.

RB Joseph Randle– Randle displayed nice hands catching a pass out of the back field from Stephens. Randle scored a TD at the goal line and appears to have a nose for the endzone. As the season progresses, I look for Randle to become a “go to” RB at the goal line.

Safety Eric Frampton– Eric had a nice game. Caught my eye breaking up a pass play near the endzone and finished with a total of 5 tackles. Making a case to be kept on the roster.

WR Anthony Amos– Prior to this game, Amos had pretty much disappeared in the battle for that last WR spot on the roster but last night he came up with a nice catch and good effort to score as he came up just inches short of the goal line. Amos needs to make more plays but he showed he isn’t out of the picture yet. Nice game.