“Kickalicious” Trick Shot Kicker Making Run for NFL Job



UPDATE 8/27 Cut from the Lions.

In the spirit of QB Alex Tanney’s trick shot video, Harvard Rugland from Norway has his own trick shots with his foot. VIDEO

With a nickname “kickalicious” that could land him an endorsement from a gum company, Rugland has been perfect in all three of his FG attempts with the Detroit Lions. He is serious about becoming a an NFL kicker so don’t let the fun video fool you. The amount of attention he is drawing is approaching Tebow level. OK not quite, but the term “kickalicious” is really catching on.

If Tanney and Rugland don’t make an NFL roster then I think they should hit the road together as halftime entertainment.

Going the YOUTUBE route to get noticed as a prospect is working, so I think we can expect more of these type videos in the future. By the way, who is the guy that catches the football out in the boat? Does he have an agent?…..