Dallas Cowboys Make First Round of Cuts

In an effort to get closer to 53 players, the Cowboys announced their player cuts this afternoon to reach the NFL required 75 players on the roster.

The name that was the biggest surprise to me on the list of cuts, was QB Nick Stephens. Stephens completed 11 0f 19 passes in preseason play with one interception in the Raiders game. He didn’t play in games after throwing that pick. In a blog about that game, I expressed concern that he may have hurt his chances.

I noticed that QB Alex Tanney played well against the Cardinals and was decent last week which clearly put him slightly ahead of Stephens. I’m not sure if Dallas plans to put Tanney on the 53 man roster or move him to the practice squad after the last preseason game. But I think he will most likely end up on the P.S. with Dallas keeping only 2 QBs on the roster, (Romo, Orton) like last season.

Where does that leave Stephens? I hope they can keep him on the practice squad as he showed a nice strong passing arm. He just needs some more development to compete for a roster spot. Another team could claim Stephens now.

Jared Green
Anthony Amos
Eric Rogers

Of these three, I thought Green had the best preseason and I like his chances best to be kept on the practice squad. Amos had 3 catches in the preseason and showed potential while Rogers appeared strong in camp but could never parlay that into preseason games.

OTHER CUTS: Kicker Brett Maher, TE Colin Cochart, Guard Dennis Godfrey, CB Brandon Underwood and LB Deon Lacey.

DE Tyrone Crawford and center Ryan Cook were placed on injured reserve. With Crawford, this move was expected to protect Dallas from allowing another team pick him up.

DT Jay Ratliff placed on PUP list (physically unable to perform)
In this move, I think this may have been influenced by the good play of DT Nick Hayden in the preseason. Nick had been rolling with the first team and shows the kind of quickness that is desired by defensive linemen in their new 4-3 defense. This clears the way for Dallas to keep Hayden on the 53 man roster instead of risking another team grabbing him up. If healthy, Ratliff can join them after 6 games in the regular season.

Final cuts come Saturday evening to get to the NFL mandated 53 man roster.


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