3 Surprises in Cowboys Final 53 Man Roster

Belichick shows Sterling Moore some love

Belichick shows Sterling Moore some love

The Dallas Cowboys made their final cuts Saturday down to a 53 man roster. Most of the cuts were not surprising but there are few surprises about how many the Cowboys kept at some positions. A list of the cuts HERE.

1. Not Enough CBs? Need one Moore
My biggest surprise was cutting CB Sterling Moore and only keeping 4 Corner Backs on the roster. It was expected they keep Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick and Webb but I thought they would need at least one more CB and Moore was probably their best prospect.

Has the rookie Webb proven to be reliable in coverage? In preseason, Webb came up with an interception but was also too often caught out of position including allowing two TD catches in the Texans loss. The Cowboys are displaying more confidence in Webb than I have.

Claiborne missed the entire preseason with an injured knee but is expected to play in the first game against the Giants. But how will that knee hold up after a game or two?

More moves could come later but for now, I think Dallas went a little too thin at CB with only 4.

2. Heavy on TEs?
Another surprise for me is that Dallas kept 5 Tight Ends on the final roster. Last year they only had 3 and that was when Witten was injured in preseason. With all the talk of multiple TE sets, many figured they would keep 4 TEs but 5 seems a little excessive to me.

TE Rosario was kept and offers receiving ability similar to Hanna and Escobar already on the roster. Andre Smith was kept apparently as more of a lead blocker for short yardage situations like a FB did in the past. The Cowboys do not have a FB on the roster now.

By drafting Escobar, a TE that is a receiver similar to Hanna but weak as a blocker, Dallas feels forced to hold on to a blocking TE. They actually needed a TE that could do both and free up a valuable roster spot. By keeping 4 TEs, Dallas could have had 6 WRs on the roster instead of 5 which they always seems to need WRs due to injuries.
UPDATE: Rosario traded to Bears. Now 4 TEs

3. Acquired LB Edgar Jones from the Chiefs
Can’t say I saw this move coming. I thought they would keep 6 LBs but they kept 5 from their roster of 75, and then later picked up Jones to make 6. Jones is described as primarily a special teams player with 39 career special team tackles. It would appear to be an effort to improve special teams which had several issues in the preseason.

Coming into camp, Brandon Magee appeared to be the most likely LB they would keep but a concussion in preseason probably hurt his chances. I also thought Taylor Reed and Cameron Lawrence played well enough to make the roster as the 6th LB but both were cut Saturday.

Dallas kept Ernie Sims who did not play particularly well in preseason and was mostly noticed for getting in a fight with teammate Lance Dunbar. HERE

Sims has consistently made PFFs list of poor tacklers over the years LINK BOTTOM 15 LBs while Dallas has cut LBs in the past that performed better than Sims like Orie Lemon, for example. I’m not sure what Dallas sees in Sims but I think they had a good opportunity to replace him with someone they just cut.