These 6 Playoff Teams Can’t Afford an 0-2 Start.

The following 6 NFL teams made the playoffs last season but lost their first game last week and now face the sobering possibility of starting the season 0-2.
Bengals, Falcons, Packers, Ravens, Redskins, and Vikings.

Is it a bad omen to start a season 0-2? History would indicate that yes, starting a season 0-2 usually doesn’t lead to a good season. In the past only 12% of teams who start 0-2, go on to make the playoffs.

Consider Last Season:

Last season all 6 teams that got off to an 0-2 start finished the season with losing records and consequently, no playoffs. The teams were Browns, Chiefs, Jaguars, Raiders, Saints, and Titans.

And in 2011, 7 NFL teams started 0-2 and all 7 finished with losing records. That makes a total of 13 teams the last two seasons that could not over come an 0-2 start to have a winning season.

Once a team is 0-2, even if they win half of their remaining 14 games, they will finish with a losing record. (7-9)

A look at the games these 0-1 teams play this week as they try to become a more optimistic 1-1.

Redskins @ Packers– Without question, one of these two 0-1 teams are going to come out of this game 0-2. The Packers played well but lost on the road to a very good 49er team while the Redskins lost a home game to the fast paced Eagles. In that game, the Redskins started terribly on offense but finished the game better as RG3 warmed up. They had a chance to win had they recovered an onside kick.

I like the Packers chances of getting a needed win at home and avoid going 0-2.

Vikings @ Bears– The Vikings are a QB away from being a solid contender but they lost in Detroit last week. Now they have to go play in Chicago which is no easy place to pick up a win. Peterson will do his thing but can the Vikings come up with enough of a passing game?

Steelers @ Bengals– If the Bengals want to improve their record to 1-1, playing the Steelers now may just be the answer. After the Steelers played poorly on offense losing to the Titans, they now have lost their center.

I like the Bengals chances to avoid an 0-2 start.

Rams @ Falcons– The Falcons are almost unbeatable in the Georgia Dome. And after losing to the Saints last week, I can’t see any way they lose this one.

The Falcons will avoid an 0-2 start and look for Jackson to make the Rams wish they never let him leave.

Browns @ Ravens– The defending super bowl champs got a rude congratulations in Denver last week as Manning threw a sick 7 TDs against them. I feel the Ravens are not the same team as last year but they are at home and it is the Browns.

The Ravens will avoid an 0-2 start.

So which teams will fall into the 0-2 abyss next week and spend the rest of the season trying to climb out? I think the Redskins are looking at a serious possibility as they try to find their offensive mojo in Green Bay. Also the Vikings face a serious challenge in playing the Bears in Chicago.

In my view, the other 4 teams will avoid that formidable 0-2 start.