Which NFL Teams Remain Undefeated After Week 4?

Going into week 4, there are 7 NFL teams that are undefeated. Which teams are most likely to keep that unblemished record after week 4 play?

I’m starting with the most likely teams to win and working down to the least.

1. Denver Broncos:
Denver will be at home against the 1-2 Eagles. The Eagles come in with a defense that hasn’t been very good and the Broncos led by Manning, are capable of putting up some points in a big way. In fact, Denver is the top scoring team in the NFL (42 points/gm) while the Eagles are 28th in scoring defense. Eagle’s coach Chip Kelly will need his offense to score about 60 to have a chance and that’s not happening in this game.

Broncos move to 4-0

2. KC Chiefs:
I expected the Chiefs to be much better this season but I can’t say I thought they would be undefeated after 3 games. The Chiefs are at home against the winless Giants who were completely destroyed 38-0 last week at Carolina. If anyone knows how to get ready for the Giants, it will be the former Eagle coach Andy Reid.

The Chiefs have done a good job of getting after the QB and the Giants line has not done a good job protecting Manning. The Chiefs lead the NFL in sacks (15) while the Giants are near the top of the NFL in allowing sacks (11).

After getting sacked 7 times at Carolina, Eli Manning could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire this week against the sack leading Chiefs.

Chiefs go to 4-0.

3.Seattle Seahawks:
Seattle faces a tough road game at Houston but the Texans haven’t exactly been playing great football this season. The Texans have been just average on offense while the Seahawks are the toughest team in the NFL to score on allowing just 9 points per game. Really remarkable in the modern day scoring happy NFL.

I don’t think it will be easy but Seahawks move to 4-0.

4. Patriots:
The Patriots have enjoyed a rather soft schedule so far and while they have had issues on offense, their defense has played well enough for them to win. Playing the Falcons Sunday night in the Georgia Dome, will be a tough assignment for the Patriots in trying to remain undefeated. Atlanta has many injuries and are a disappointing 1-2 this year but I think they will come in motivated, “rise up” and play inspired ball on Sunday night against Brady.

I think the Patriots will drop to 3-1.

5 and 6. Dolphins at Saints:
Both teams come into this game undefeated and obviously one team is going to lose their first game. Quite simply I think the Saints are a very good team at home in the Super Dome especially in a Monday night game, and that will be too much for the Dolphins.

The 12th man (home crowd) comes through for the Saints as they go to 4-0 and Dolphins lose their first game.

7. Bears:
The Bears will face a tough division battle by playing at Detroit. Overall I really think the Bears are a better team than the Lions but the Lions are another team that is difficult to beat on the road and I look for them to be ready for this game.

The Bears drop this one and go to 3-1.

Four teams survive:
I think the Broncos, Seahawks, Chiefs, and Saints remain undefeated after this week with the Dolphins, Bears and Patriots losing their first games.

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  1. In the Seahawks vs Texans game I think Seattle can win if they keep JJ Watt from getting to the Seattle quarterback which I think will be next to impossible giving the injuries to the Seahawks starting Offensive Line.

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