WEEK 5: Can 5 NFL Teams Make it to 5-0?

NFLTeamsGoing into week 5 , five NFL teams (Saints, Broncos, Patriots, Chiefs, and Seahawks) are 4-0 and looking to go 5-0.

Week 5, 5 teams, 5-0. That’s a lot of number fives huh?

Reminds me of the joke where this guy dreamed of the number five for five nights in a row. Convinced it was a good sign of a lucky number, at 5 o’clock he took bus number five to the horse races and then bet five dollars on horse number five……..the horse came in 5th.

Will any of these five perfect teams be lucky enough to make it to 5-0? The last time the NFL had five teams 5-0 was 2009. Interesting that all five teams will be on the road this week which decreases their chances to win automatically. And 3 0f 5 are playing a team with a winning record. The Broncos are playing at 2-2 Dallas and the Patriots are at 2-2 Cincinnati.

Most Likely to go 5-0.
Broncos @ Cowboys– Of all 5 teams, I like the Broncos chances best to remain unbeaten. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Broncos be the only remaining undefeated team after week 5. The Cowboys have struggled in pass defense while Manning has led the Broncos to more points than any other offense in the NFL.

I look for Manning to have another big game and for the Broncos to reach 5-0.

May Go 5-0.
Patriots @ Bengals– This will not be an easy game by any means for the Patriots. The Bengals are good on the defensive line and play well at home. I’m not convinced that the Patriots will win this one but I’m convinced they are capable of winning a tough road game.

Seahawks @ Colts– A good match up of the Seahawks NFL leading defense (fewest points allowed) and the Colts offense led by QB Andrew Luck. If the Seahawks are going to lose it is most likely going to come on the road where they have a large distance to travel. I think the Colts will win this game but I think the Seahawks are certainly capable of winning a tough road game.

5-0? Don’t think so.
Chiefs @ Titans– So far this year the surprising Chiefs have enjoyed playing against the weak NFC East teams with wins over Dallas, Philly, and Giants. However the Titans are playing pretty good ball and are at home.

I think the Chiefs drop their first game.

Saints @ Bears– The Saints are pretty much unbeatable at home so if they are going to lose a game, it will come on the road. Last week the Bears lost their first game, so I look for them to be determined to not lose two in a row. And with the Bears playing at home, I think the Saints lose their first game.