Dwayne Harris a Beast Against NFC East. And Latest on the Rat.

Dwayne Harris NFC East Slayer

Dwayne Harris NFC East Slayer

Dwayne Harris has a knack for showing up in a big way in the NFC East games. Sunday night he almost single handedly defeated the Redskins as he pretty much provided the margin of victory with 222 return yards that included a punt return TD and a kickoff return that led to a Romo TD pass to Williams. Harris also covered punts well in the game and may be recognized again by the NFL for his outstanding performance.

After the win against the Giants opening day, he was recognized as Special Teams Player of the Week. I blogged then that Dallas coaches need to show Harris some respect HERE.

And last year it was his punt return TD that separated Dallas from the Eagles. Dallas could use some more returns like that when they go to Philadelphia next week with first place in the NFC East on the line. Without the heroics of Harris against the Redskins, that score would have been pretty tight at the end. The Cowboys won the game 31-16.

What’s up with Ratliff? The saga continues…
During the Sunday Night game, NBC reported that Jerry Jones sounded like Dallas was moving on from Ratliff. Monday morning Jones denies saying they decided to move on from Ratliff. STORY

Ratliff was put on the PUP list in August which means he is eligible to play after 6 weeks which would be about right now. But don’t count on it.

MY Take: While Jerry is reluctant to admit Dallas is moving on, I blogged back in August that it was nonsense to expect Ratliff to be ready to contribute in 6 weeks. BLOG “Ratliff story keeps groin”

Jerry doesn’t deny that they are moving on just that he didn’t say it. Before the Redskin game on Wednesday last week Jerry just commented,

“I don’t know, and I don’t know that he knows,” Jones said Tuesday on KRLD-FM. “I don’t know that anybody knows. He is beginning to work through on what we all hope is a secure injury area that has hopefully healed. I don’t know that. I can’t speak to that, and I don’t know that anybody does.

“We will painstakingly go slow here in trying to work him back in.”

Easy to see how one could get the impression Ratliff isn’t playing any time soon. I can’t explain why Jerry appears to hold on to hope that Ratliff is going to run on the field this year and help their depleted defensive line but I am telling you to not count on it.

The young defensive linemen playing Sunday night were refreshing to watch play. No, they weren’t perfect but they moved well and gave a very good effort each play. Eventually Jerry must realize that they have got to get younger on that defensive line and will have to move on from Ratliff, Spencer and yes, even Ware, who went out of the game and watched on the sideline.

Ware has been a great player for Dallas in the past, but his best days are behind him, and playing defensive end in the 4-3 is much more demanding on his body. He recently admitted as much.

In the past Jerry has held on to these guys too long but with the salary cap issues, he can’t afford to do that in the future.


4 thoughts on “Dwayne Harris a Beast Against NFC East. And Latest on the Rat.

      • I love Murray, but I worry he is too fragile, and I am not convinced that Randle is more than a change of pace guy, he seems a bit slow, a bit weak, and runs a tad too upright for my tastes. I like Dunbar, but I don’t think he could be an every down back either. I would like to see the Cowboys bring in a guy who could push the pile when need arises, but one who has a bit of speed. I know I want a lot .

        & what is up with the Defense? 3 games were the opposition was limited to less then 18, 3 games where they scored more than 30.

      • Murray is proving to be fragile.

        Your criticisms of Randle are valid ones but I think he and Tanner can get the job done. I like Dunbar too but doubt he will hold up every down. For short yardage situations, I think they could use a fullback as a lead block.

        They abandon the run too quickly no matter who the backs are.

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