Cowboys Smell a Rat: Finally Cut Ratliff


UPDATE Ratliff is healed
Today it was announced that the Cowboys are parting ways with veteran defensive lineman Jay Ratliff. It comes when his time on the PUP list ends and Jerry realized this Ratliff dude has played all he is going to play for Dallas.

I’ve been pretty direct in my view that Ratliff wasn’t really going to play with Dallas again anytime soon. In this blog, I chronicled Ratliff’s timeline of trouble the past year and point out how a lot of things were just not adding up including his injury status and rehab.

Today Ratliff’s agent Mark Slough reveals that Ratliff actually didn’t have a sports hernia injury which is what we were led to believe. STORY

So was Ratliff and his agent deceptive? Is Jerry Jones clueless? OK that’s a given but who had the most reason to lie?

Slough leaves the door open for Ratliff to play again for another team in 2014. So while Slough currently spins that Ratliff’s injury was much more serious than Jerry would have us believe, look for him to now make it appear that Ratliff is miraculously recovered and good to go.
Told ya. UPDATE 10/24

And some easy sale sucker like Saints DC Rob Ryan, to show interest in Ratliff.

My suspicions were proven valid that Jerry Jones, team medical people, and Jay Ratliff were not all on the same page about his injury and time for return. That’s why Ratliff went off on Jerry when he suggested Ratliff needed to suck it up and take one for the team with a speedy recovery.

When asked why he and Ratliff didn’t clarify the injury earlier, Slough replied, “we just chose to let it be.”

Follow the Money:
It is pretty clear to me that Ratliff and Slough were doing what was best for them financially in this case. They took Jerry’s money,”thank you very much sir” and then milked that sports hernia injury (or whatever it was) for everything it was worth. Getting cut back before June, would have resulted in loss money for Ratliff so there is your motive to “just let it be” and not reveal a more serious injury.

“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics” – Mark Twain (and agents)
Ratliff’s play just hasn’t been very productive in recent years and his off field issues such as the DWI charge, are a strong indication that his commitment to his team and profession were lacking. His need and desire to get paid, however, weren’t lacking.

So he played Jerry and the Cowboys as far as I’m concerned, and when his PUP vacation ran out, it was time to finally come clean and move on to the next sucker uh gig.