Jay Ratliff Got Paid and Jerry Jones Got Played….like a piano

Ratliff is suddenly feeling much better now that Dallas cut him.

A week ago in my blog “Cowboys Smell a Rat” I said don’t be surprised if Ratliff is miraculously healed and ready to play now that he was cut by Dallas since it’s not Jerry Jones asking him to put his helmet on and go play.

Now the main stream sports channels are starting to figure out something isn’t right. (It takes them a while to catch up with dishing the real) NBC sports is reporting that Ratliff is now telling teams he has been cleared medically to play this season. STORY

Ratliff appears ready to play now, after missing 10 games last season and then occupying a spot for six weeks on the Cowboys PUP list with pay. Rat signed an extension in 2011, for 45 million and 18 million gurranteed. Clearly Jerry got played and filleted bro.

His stats for 2012-2013? 0 sacks, 1 DWI.

Prior to the season, I expressed my view that Ratliff had no intentions of playing with the Cowboys this year and Jerry would have been wise to cut him before June for salary relief. Jerry just holds on too long to these guys. He had a similar situation with CB Mike Jenkins last season who is now a Raider.

Jerry has been a successful business man so I don’t think he is dumb. I just think his pride/ego wants to win these battles with problem players but in the end, they get the best of him. Some players just know how to work the system. Jerry would be wise to let go and move on.

No word yet on specifically which teams are showing interest in Ratliff but I speculate Rob Ryan with the Saints could be one of them.

Ryan can’t resist bringing in old, over the hill, ex-players he coached.