I’m With Team Dez on This One.

"Y'all goin make me lose my mind.up in here up in here!" DEZ

“Y’all goin make me lose my mind.up in here up in here!” DEZ

Many Cowboy fans are weighing in on their reaction to Dez Bryant going off on the sideline during the painful loss to the Lions on Sunday. It isn’t totally clear what he said to whom during two outburst with one coming at the end of the game involving Witten. But it looked a lot like he was trying to fire up Tony Romo when he went on his first rant.

I’m with team Dez on this one.

It was ridiculous the way the game started with Romo throwing the ball 7 unsuccessful times to the rookie Williams before Dez Bryant, their best WR, even so much got a whiff of the ball once.

Dez made the most of his three catches with 2 TDs including as fine of a catch as you will see, in the endzone for his first one. He deserved more looks and has a knack for drawing pass interference calls when you could use one.

Dez evidently is tired of losing these close games, going 8-8 every season, and just missing the playoffs. As a Cowboys fan, I’m with ya Dez. Preach on brother.

I liked his “passion” as he described it following the game. Dez was clearly competing and was in it to win it. I think you can build a team with guys like that. The alternative would be guys who don’t care if they win or lose or just miss the playoffs again this season. Just keep cashin’ the checks.

Complacency is a far bigger threat to the team. I like guys who don’t like losing. No make that, hate losing.

I think Dez was calling out Romo, who was having a poor game, to get with it and go out and win this game.

It appeared to me that Witten had his boy Romo’s back at the end of the game, but I remember that the last time the Cowboys made the playoffs was in 2008 and with a bye the first round, it was Witten and Romo (along with then girlfriend Jessica Simpson) who vacationed in Los Cabos, Mexico instead of getting their butts ready to play an important playoff football game. STORY

Romo and Dallas lost to the Giants 21-17 after the vacation. That’s when Terrell Owens was crying behind dark glasses defending Romo with, “that’s my quarterback.” None of that with Dez, who was trying to light a fire under his QBs backside Sunday.

I believe another guy who wore #88, Michael Irvin, wouldn’t be comfortable with another loss and a .500 record season either. Irvin was a vocal leader who brought his best effort and expected it from his teammates too. Romo and Witten have had some courageous performances in the past but the fact is, they seem a little too comfortable with just being OK these days.

With that loss to the Lions, the Cowboys are now 4-4 and become the NFL poster team for mediocrity for the last three seasons. A wildcard spot is not happening now. It’s win the NFC East or go home for them.

In the past, I’ve been plenty critical of Dez and some of his off field stuff but I say, get in their faces Dez. Let them know almost good enough won’t get it this year. Another 8-8 season is B.S. and unacceptable. It’s not as if Jason Garrett, who coddles Romo, is going to do it.


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  1. You’re absolutely right about the need to light a fire under this team–since at the halfway point, they are just a .500 team and cruisin to yet another 8-8 season.  Coming from Oklahoma State, Dez was used to winning–and his frustration with the mediocrity of this Cowboys’ team since he’s been with them just boiled over.   I’m not sure his tirades during the game were good for either him or the team but the passion he has & showed for wanting to win are definitely what is needed for the team.  Dez has demonstrated the big-play ability he brings to help this team win and yet, inexplicably, the ball was thrown to him only 3 times–while his counterpart, Megatron, had 14 catches for a whopping 329 yds!    The Lions recognize what they have and took advantage of it…the Cowboys need to do the same!  

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