NFL Halfway Point: What we Learned so far.

As we reach the halfway point of the 2013 NFL season, some thoughts on what we have learned:

1. Peyton Manning can still throw the ball.
He left the Colts with questions about his health but so far in 2013, he has the Broncos offense scoring more than any other NFL team.

2. Andy Reid can still coach.
The Eagles ran him out of Philly so Reid took on the Chiefs who finished at the bottom of the NFL last season. He has the Chiefs 8-0 and talking about playoffs. Mean while back in Philly, they still stink.

3. You must have a solid QB to compete in the NFL.
We probably already knew this fact but the winless Jaguars and Buccaneers are showing us how true it really is. And the 1-6 Vikings are demonstrating it helps to have a QB too.

4. The Cowboys are just a .500 team.
They changed their defense to a 4-3 and brought in Monte Kiffin to replace Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator. Many names and faces have changed but still Dallas is 4-4 after going 8-8 the last two seasons. I believe they will be 5-5 going into their bye week and yes, finish 8-8 again this season. No matter what Jerry Jones does, this is simply a .500 team.

5. Stephen Jackson did not enhance the Falcons offense.
This offseason move sure looked good on paper but hasn’t worked on the field at all as the struggling Falcons are 2-5.

6. RG3’s knee wasn’t really ready to go at the first of the season.
Coach didn’t let RG play at all during preseason and when the season began, we saw he just wasn’t ready to play at the level we saw him last year. RG appears to be improving but this is not the RG3 we saw last year.

7. It’s a long way from Eugene, OR to the NFL.
Coach Chip Kelly enjoyed rolling up college defenses each week with his fast pace offense but in the NFL, it has been tough going so far. The Eagles have scored a total of 10 points in their last two games combined. At Oregon, Chip would score 10 points before they could sing the national anthem. Chip is finding that indeed it is a long way from Eugene to the NFL.