Jason Please. Garrett Defends Escobar Pick in the Second Round.

In a very predictable move, Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett defended drafting Gavin Escobar in the second round. STORY So far this season Escobar has only four catches which makes him ignored almost as much as Dez Bryant when it comes to passes.

But in a surprising move, Jason then compared Escobar to….wait for it….Darren Woodson. Really Jason? That’s as ridiculous as comparing Jason Garrett to Jimmy Johnson. One coach won super bowls the other struggles to stay .500.

Jason’s reasoning is that Woodson was drafted in the 2nd round and only played special teams his rookie season. Both were picked in the 2nd but that’s pretty much the end of this comparison. Woodson is one of the best defensive players to ever wear the star so comparing him to a rookie TE with good hands and no blocking skills, is a reach to say the least. This comment was so wack even Jerry Jones, who usually is the one that says the crazy stuff, was left shaking his head.

The issue isn’t whether Escobar will some day prove to be a good TE, that remains to be seen and it is quite possible. The issue Jason, is that your team had some major needs going into the 2013 draft and really couldn’t afford to squander a 2nd round pick on an indulgent project TE who will barely see the field in 2013. Fact is your team needed a decent guard and youth on the defensive line but that was not addressed. Starters could be found in round two.

And now you find yourself struggling to maintain first place in the sad NFC “Least”. It will never be easier to win it than it is this season.

It’s not about Escobar as a player so much. The dude has outstanding hands and being 6-6 can create match up problems but none of this is being put to use. Jason explains that Escobar needs development in his blocking skills. True and noted by me back in April when I reviewed his college play. HERE

In that blog, I compared Escobar to Jay Novacek the great pass catching TE for Dallas who also was a former basketball player. Novacek was in the NFL for about 5 years before he became a star. Do players have that long to develop in the NFL now?

One area where Jason has just not got it done is getting the most out of the talent available to him. Not many players are great in every single area and in the NFL these days, there just isn’t time to allow a lot of development. Got to win right now as Jason will likely soon find out. The hard way.

Jason points out teams will know they are passing if Escobar is in the game since his blocking is weak.

Defenses know you are going to pass Jason, simply because you have Romo in the game and running the ball is only done occasionally and out of necessity. It’s a poor excuse to not have him in the game.

Since they drafted Escobar in the 2nd round, I think they should find a role for him. Doesn’t mean he plays every play understand, just find what he does well and put it in the game plan.

In the redzone, I like Ecobar’s chances to go up high and come down with the ball especially when matched with defenders who are significantly smaller.

For now, Escobar is proving to be a wasted second round pick and he is not going to be the next Darren Woodson. Jason please.


2 thoughts on “Jason Please. Garrett Defends Escobar Pick in the Second Round.

  1. Instead of drafting Escobar, they could have drafted, RB Eddie Lacy (696 yds 5 td), FS Tyrann Mathieu (61 tkl 1sk 2 int 1 ff), or Larry Warford (started all 10 games so far this year for Detriot at RG, probably the best choice).

    • Absolutely. All of those would contribute more than Escobar has so far. In my mock draft prior to the draft, I had them taking guard Larry Warford. And given the state of the line with Waters gone, it would have made the best choice IMO.

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