GIANT game today for the Cowboys

garrett giants“Must win” is a term probably over used in describing NFL games. But sometimes it applies and today in my view, it applies to both teams in the Cowboys at Giants game.

It’s the kind of game that moves the usual suspects off the injured list, to the active list. Even Miles Austin and his fragile hamstring will be available for Dallas today. It’s all hands on deck for this one.

Currently Dallas is 3-0 in the division but they have lost a couple close away games (Chiefs and Lions) that have left the door open for both the Giants and Eagles. The Giants come into this game with 4 straight wins after a miserable start and the Eagles finally won a home game last week against the Redskins.

If Dallas wins at the Giants, they will go to 4-0 in the division and that puts them in a good place. At that point the Giants post season hopes would pretty much die as they would fall to 1-3 in the division and the Eagles would be in a tough spot to win it. The Cowboys would control their destiny and be sitting in the driver seat to make the post season. It would allow them a little room for error during the month of December.

But if the Giants win today, the division becomes a three team race to the finish line. The Cowboys would be 3-1 with a tough game at Washington ahead and a showdown with the Eagles in week 17. As a Cowboys fan, you can’t feel good about a winner take all game at the end of the season. Those have not gone well for Dallas in recent years.

By winning today, the Cowboys wouldn’t clinch the division but they would separate themselves from the pack heading down the stretch.

And some will point out that a loss today doesn’t end their hopes of winning the division either. True, but it makes their chances of winning the division drop tremendously. With hope to win the division, the Giants and Eagles will play inspired football down the stretch and Dallas would have no momentum.

Reality is Dallas hasn’t played well in December and Romo hasn’t played well in the “must win” games at the end of the season. That makes today’s game with the Giants, a giant game for the Cowboys.