Jason Garrett Another 8-8 Finish But Remains Coach of Cowboys

Three consecutive 8-8 seasons.

Three consecutive 8-8 seasons.

“Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them. With Major it had been all three” [Joseph Heller Catch-22]

A quote from the novel “Catch 22” by Joseph Heller about a character named Major Major which was both his name and rank in the military. As a joke, his parents had named him Major. If you like, you may substitute Jason Garrett’s name in place of Major and read the quote again.

In the novel, Major Major (sounds like 8-8) is described as always following the rules and a portrayal of an inept role.

Major Major is swiftly promoted to commander but it really means nothing. “‘You’re the new squadron commander,’ Colonel Cathcart had shouted rudely across the railroad ditch to him. ‘But don’t think it means anything, because it doesn’t. All it means is that you’re the new squadron commander.’

You may substitute Jerry Jones in place of Colonel Cathcart. It works perfectly.

Owner Jerry Jones suddenly promoted Jason to head coach after a 1-7 start in the 2010 season that was going horribly wrong with Wade Phillips as head coach. Jason’s title and rank don’t really mean anything as we all know that Jerry is the real commander here. It’s his team and Jason plays the role of yes man.

Jason was a third string QB for the Cowboys in the NFL and in college he transferred from Princeton to Columbia University where his dad was head coach. After a 0-10 season, Jason’s dad resigned as coach and Jason headed back to Princeton to continue his rather mediocre football career at an ivy league school completing passes against future wall street analysts, not future NFL CBs.

Forgive me, but I can’t find anything outstanding about Jason’s football coaching career. What are his credentials exactly? It’s not like he ever even coached a High School team to a championship or anything. No wins as a college coach either. Is there a winning season as head coach at the Pop Warner level at least?

Cowboy fans have been forced to watch Jason learn on the job in matters of game management. It’s been painful to watch at times and the word inept would serve well to describe it.

So should we really be stunned to see a mediocre leader take the Cowboys team to a mediocre record three years in a row? See Jason is a 8-8 kind of guy. Players don’t really seem to dislike Jason but they don’t exactly go out and fight to the death for him either. He doesn’t make waves with them. It’s all kept on a medium level.

Jason’s ability to motivate his troops is highly suspect to say the least. Sunday night against the Eagles, was as big of a game as many of his players will play in their careers but I didn’t see a team that was ready to run through a wall or anything.

Fox analyst and former NFL QB for the Steelers, Terry Bradshaw, stated that Jason was no coach at all.
“He’s no head coach. Never should have been hired in the first place. He’s just a ‘yes’ man for Jerry.” STORY

Now that’s from a guy who won some super bowls in the NFL. And he said it before the Cowboys lost to the Eagles and missed the playoffs again.

But what is Jerry saying now? The guy who gave us Jason as head coach and has taken the franchise to a level of mediocrity unmatched. Jerry says Jason will be the coach in 2014 and explains,

“I justify it that … we have been in it, right there playing for it, in the last game for the last three years,” Jones said. “I’m in complete step with our fans that want more than 8-8. So that you don’t have to be playing for the NFC East championship in the last game every year. That’s where we can have improvement. We won some games that were hard fought. Having said it, I think there is a positive to have the team right there in a position to win the East, fighting for it.

Evidently Jerry is OK with being mediocre and coming in 2nd place in the East. Why change anything? He still calls the shots and 90,000 plus fans show up to watch his team play in his stadium. Even if he made a change in head coach, wouldn’t he just bring in another figurehead like Jason anyway? A different name and face perhaps but same arrangement.

Unfortunately I’m afraid Cowboy fans can expect more of the same with coach “Major Major” leading the Cowboys.