Want To Be an NFL Playoff Team? DON’T THROW INTERCEPTIONS 2.0

At the end of the 2012 season, I pointed out in a blog that an NFL team’s number of interceptions was a strong indicator of whether or not they make the playoffs. BLOG INT’s

At the end of the 2013 season, I take another look at the interceptions and it tells a very similar story.

High number of INTs
In 2013, 14 out of 15 teams who led the NFL in interceptions thrown, failed to make the post season. The only exception was the Bengals who threw 20 INTs. I think their strong defense can be credited for helping over come those picks. If Dalton can get those numbers in line next season, the Bengals will be a strong contender.

Low number of INTs
In 2013, 8 out of 8 teams who threw the least number of interceptions, made the post season. The Chiefs were tied with the 49ers for the least with 8. The other 6 playoff teams with the least INTs were Eagles, Seahawks, Colts, Broncos, Patriots and Chargers.

The two super bowl teams (Seahawks and Broncos) combined to throw only 19 for the season which is exactly the same number the two super bowl participants (Ravens/49ers) combined for last year. If your team wants to get to the super bowl, 10 interceptions seems to be about the maximum number allowed for the season.

Perhaps in the NFL it’s more what you don’t do instead of what you do, that can lead to success. I think it’s what coach Bill Parcells was referring to when he talked about having his QB “just drive the bus”.