Winningest Coach after 56 games, Wade or Jason? #Who cares

Last week former Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips (@sonofbum) took a run at current coach Jason Garrett by twitting:
Jason Garrett is tied with Wade Phillips for 56 games as the @dallascowboys head coach. Phillips: 34 – 22; Garrett: 29 -27. #suprisesMe

Well you can “#surprise me” that Wade even knows how to tweet and way to set the bar high Wade by comparing yourself to one of the most mediocre coaches in team history, Jason Garrett.

I would have figured if Wade tweeted at all it would be about his favorite watering hole to get beer in Texas or where he likes to go stuff that big belly of his with tacos. Can’t say I saw this coming.

I could see maybe Rob Ryan taking a cheap shot at Jason on tweeter but seeing how he still drives an old van from the 70’s, I doubt Rob is hash tagging anything yet. Let’s face it, when Wade starts tweeting, it may be an indication that this form of social media has been played and time to move on to the next thing. #myspace

As far as who was the best coach after 56 games? I would point out that Wade’s record was helped by taking over a team that Bill Parcells built since Wade went 13-3 his very first season. It went down hill quickly from there as Wade tried to be everyone’s buddy and run a Club Med version of preseason camp. Both coaches are equally mediocre in my humble opinion.

However, if one was compiling a list of past Cowboy coaches who have had the least impact to the team ever, for some reason, then these two would certainly make that list. Otherwise there is no debate to be had here that’s worth anyone’s time.

It’s a shame that Wade’s father Bum Phillips couldn’t have had twitter back in the day. Bum said things worth reading like when Costas asked him why he takes his wife on the Oilers road games? “She is too ugly to kiss goodbye”, Bum replied. #classic


2 thoughts on “Winningest Coach after 56 games, Wade or Jason? #Who cares

  1. “Who Cares”–was exactly how I felt after I read that article!  Like you pointed out, Wade had the HUGE benefit of being handed a  playoff team built by Bill Parcells (which anyone could have had success with)–but, as we know, it came unraveled in a hurry under good-ole-boy Wade Phillips.    We’ve both been totally frustrated by “boy scout” Jason Garrett who is just a yes-man for Jerry & I don’t believe has the respect of the players.  Jerry had to relieve him of offensive play-calling & now wants him to get more involved with the defense.  Come on, man!  This simply has to be Garrett’s last season with the Cowboys.   Meanwhile I’m hoping that, with a draft of some good defensive players, DC Marinelli can get this defense to playing like his Bears defenses–and help raise the Cowboys up out of the Phillips-Garrett mediocrity…

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