Jerry Jones is Speaking But Are You Buying it?

jerry_jones_draftWith live coverage of training camp by the NFL Network, Jerry Jones has been getting plenty of attention which he appears to enjoy. Recently he has commented on a variety of topics but as fans, are we buying into what Jerry is selling?

1. Jerry strongly believes that with a healthy Romo the Cowboys would have “definitely possibly” beat the Eagles in week 17 and made the playoffs. That belief played a part in his decision to keep Garrett as coach.
Buying or not buying?
Dishing the real: Not Buying
Sorry but I’ve seen too many previous seasons where Dallas lost the “play in” game with Romo on the field to believe it would have gone differently this time. That’s not to blame Romo for everything like some key injuries and a weak defense, but he was a healthy QB when they lost a few games in 2013 that they should have won like the Packers and Lions games for example. Win those games, and they are not in a must win situation in week 17. Romo supporters may buy this Jerry comment, but I’m not. Jerry let Romo’s injury give Romo and Jason a way out of taking responsibility.

2. Jerry said he has invested in the development of head coach Jason Garrett over the years and would “hate to deny fans that asset.” He also said Jason is better as coach now than before.
Buying or not buying?
Dishing the real: Not Buying
It’s OK Jerry, go ahead and deny us fans Jason we don’t mind. Jerry’s insertion of an unqualified Jason Garrett as coach has nothing (I repeat nothing) to do with what is best for fans. This coaching project or indulgence if you will, has been all about the fact that Jason is not a strong leader and allows Jerry to run everything and be the face of the organization in every way. Jimmy Johnson was a strong successful coach but that wasn’t going to last with Jerry. Same could be said for Parcells. See Jerry likes him a “yes man” and he has that now in Jason.

As far as Jason being better now, that’s debatable or actually perhaps laughable, because it seems to me, Jason has less responsibilities on the team than ever and typically that increases as a coach develops. Jason is surrounded by three coaches that have been head coaches before. (Monte Kiffin, Marinelli, and Callahan). Heck, Linehan was brought in to call the plays since Jason couldn’t handle that either. Jason’s clock management has been a joke and embarrassingly bad.

When Jerry speaks of doing what is best for fans, BEWARE!

3. Jerry says this season you will see more of the run game.
Buying or not buying?
Dishing the real: Not Buying
All indications are they intend to run more which they failed to do often last season finishing at the bottom of the NFL in run attempts. It cost them games. They should do it more and to be honest, I think the talk is sincere however I don’t think they will stick to the run in the heat of battle. And who knows if Murray will stay healthy?

Linehan, who came over from the Lions, is known to have pass happy offenses. I also believe even if they call a run play, their gun slinger QB will audible at the line to a pass play as he has done before without being held accountable. Bottom line, talk is cheap and they will do what they do when the bullets start flying.

4. Jerry says the defense is better right now than it was at the end of last season.
Buying or not buying?
Dishing the real: Not Buying
I’m not sure what Jerry is basing this statement on. They are trying to fill some big holes on the defensive line with Hatcher and Ware gone and has he forgotten that Sean Lee isn’t available and Spencer went on PUP? Perhaps this defense will be improved in 2014 but right now, I’m afraid realistically it isn’t much better.

5. Jerry expressed expectations that Romo would be the Cowboys QB for “years to come” as he held up four fingers to indicate at least 4 years. It was the reason he decided to pass on Manziel who he says was the highest player on their board at the time. Instead he went against his instincts and picked Martin.
Buying or not buying?
Dishing the real: Not Buying
I don’t believe Romo will hold up or last another 4 or 5 years as a QB in the NFL. Let’s see if he can make it through this one first. Jerry says that because he paid Romo like he will play until he is 50 or something. I think Romo’s health is quite questionable and now that he has a family, it changes things.

As far as the Manziel pick goes, just ask yourself if you think Manziel will be a better NFL QB than Weeden has been so far? If the answer is yes, then Jerry should have selected Manziel as Romo’s back up since Orton is gone. Evidently they don’t trust their own draft board and that’s not good.

6. Michael Irvin asked if the Cowboys will make the playoffs? Jerry said “yes”.
Buying or not buying?
Dishing the real: Not buying
Jerry gave this straight forward question little thought and quickly offered a knee jerk, yes. Ironically, immediately after saying yes, like right on cue, a horn blasted in the background at training camp which made it feel like a wrong answer had been given on a game show. VIDEO about the 6:30 mark.

Too many roster questions and a serious lack of depth combined with a brutal December schedule, make me skeptical of making the playoffs. Jerry says that every year to put butts in the seats at his stadium.

Jerry sells playoff hope like snake oil, but I’m not sure how much longer fans will be buying it.


4 thoughts on “Jerry Jones is Speaking But Are You Buying it?

  1. You’re right–that horn went off as soon as Jerry answered Michael’s question about the Cowboys being in the playoffs this season!  But unless Marinelli can work some real magic with this “ragtag” bunch of players they have on defense now, they can’t even make it to 8-8 this season. 

    Then on offense, even though the team owner (after admitting they should have run more last season) states that they will run more this season–Linehan (who is known for a pass-happy offense) & Romo (who often audibles to pass plays) will make those decisions.  With the recent drafts to upgrade the o-line, I just hope they do game plan & stick with a more involved running game.  With Linehan & Romo, we can expect more passing to the RBs–especially Dunbar.  

    But meanwhile we are not buying Garrett as a competent head coach!  He should have been gone after the first two 8-8 seasons–but definitely after the third one!  Callahan & now Linehan have had to take over his play-calling responsibilities–& his poor clock management has cost them games.  Until Jerry can stop deluding himself about his “yes-man coach” & hire a good head coach (i.e. Johnson & Parcells), the team will continue in mediocrity–and keep us longsuffering fans suffering…

  2. Lord I miss Tom Landry, Tex Schramm, Clint Murchison, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, and REAL FOOTBALL with REAL PLAYERS and HONEST COACHES.

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