Cowboys Blue White Scrimmage Includes FistiCuffs

Cowboys 2014 training camp

Cowboys 2014 training camp

On Sunday the Cowboys held their Blue White scrimmage at training camp in Oxnard. Most of it was team situational with no actual tackling but there was some live scrimmage toward the end.

The most exciting moment came when after WR Dez Bryant caught a pass in the middle of the field, safety JJ Wilcox delivered a not so team scrimmage pop which Dez took exception to. And then it was on. Punches were thrown but it all settled down quickly. Wilcox’s hit didn’t appear dirty to me in any way as it was a bang-bang friendly fire kind of play. Both players seemed to get over it after a couple plays.

Outstanding Offensive Performers:
As I have noted in a previous training camp blog, Dez Bryant really appears to be a man among boys during camp and he provided some highlights today. He caught a pass early in the scrimmage, slipped by Scandrick and raced for a long TD. There were good battles between Dez and CB Orlando Scandrick on several occasions with both having their moments of success. Dez could have a really big season in 2014.

I thought running back Joseph Randle ran the ball really well and broke off a few long runs. He hit the holes with excellent quickness and explosiveness. Randle is in a battle with Ryan Williams for a roster spot and I believe Randle helped himself today.

Tony Romo looked fine throwing the ball particularly on short routes. One deep pass looked like a wounded duck but it was actually completed to Terrance Williams who made a nice adjustment to make the catch. Romo was under pressure on that pass. Later in a 2 minute drill situation, Romo and Dez weren’t on the same page (sound familiar?) which resulted in a nice interception by Scandrick to end the drive.

Romo and Dez discussed the play on the sideline as fans have seen this scenario before. It’s a bit concerning that a QB with that much experience still seems to get mixed up and throw it to the other team at a crucial moment of the game. Got to get this fixed Jason!

So how did Romo’s back look? The good news is he threw like the old Romo and the bad news is he threw like the old Romo. That’s just the way it goes with him.

TE Gavin Escobar caught a TD pass early in the scrimmage. I look for the Dallas offense to include Escobar much more this season. I think he will fit into Linehan’s offensive scheme nicely.

Rookie WR Devin Street caught a short pass on the sideline and followed a nice block by Dwayne Harris for a long gain that almost scored.

6-4 undrafted rookie WR Chris Boyd made a nice catch on a deep pass by Vaughn. On the play rookie CB Terrance Mitchell was in good position but Boyd’s height was definitely an advantage. During the scrimmage, Mitchell was often in good position but couldn’t quite make the play. More development needed for the young corner.

The starting offensive line was strong in pass protection while the 2nd team offensive line struggled a bit allowing a couple sacks on Weeden.

Outstanding Defensive Performers:
LB DeVonte Holloman made a really nice pass break up from the middle linebacker spot. He made a TD saving deflection near the endzone 50 yards down the field. It’s Holloman’s experience as a safety in college that allows him to get nice depth in the middle of the field and it is why I think he should play the middle LB position.

DE Martez Wilson made a nice sack and strip of the ball on Weeden. Wilson is an experienced player trying to make the roster. Shows exceptional ability to pass rush.

DB Scandrick had the tough assignment of covering Dez and he actually had a decent day. Came up with a good INT mentioned earlier.

Undrafted rookie safety Ryan Smith had a sack on a blitz. Smith shows some real natural ability to blitz the QB as he fights to earn a roster spot.

Rookie safety Ahmad Dixon came up with a fumble recovery after a pass completion.

Rookie LB Anthony Hitchens was noticeably often around the ball and displayed good instincts on pass plays.

Overall it reminded me of a typical Cowboys game. The offense hit some big plays, the defense allowed big plays and occasionally came up with a stop while in the end, Romo made a bad play in crunch time.

The Cowboys will travel to San Diego on Wednesday for a preseason game Thursday night with the Chargers.