These 4 Cowboys Helped Themselves the Most in Last Preseason Game

In the Dallas Cowboys final preseason game which didn’t offer much for fans to feel good about, I do think these four Cowboys helped their chances to make the team. An otherwise meaningless game for most but perhaps not for these guys.

1. DE Kenneth Boatright: Prior to this last preseason game, I really thought Dartwan Bush had out played Boatright in preseason. But Boatright brought his “A” game last night in recording the only sack for the team and four tackles. Defensive end is a position where Dallas needs bodies for the first game with Spencer and Lawrence still not available so he may have taken advantage of the opportunity. I think Boatright may have done enough in this game to just make the final roster.

Dontavis Sapp,

Dontavis Sapp,

2. LB Dontavis Sapp: In a earlier blog HERE I mentioned Sapp as an undrafted rookie who was getting noticed during OTAs. For most of the preseason he has been relatively quiet but he made the most of his opportunity last night by leading the defense in tackles with five.

Will that performance be enough to get him a spot on the roster or is it a case of too little too late? Looking at the numbers at LB, I doubt Sapp will make the 53 man roster but I do think he established himself as a good candidate to develop on the practice squad.

In this game Sapp actually out played the Cowboys 7th round pick LB Will Smith but I think they will elect to keep Smith on the roster and undrafted Sapp is probably looking at practice squad. That’s just the way that usually goes.

3. WR LaRon Byrd: Byrd has been in a battle with Jamar Newsome to try to make the roster and before this game I felt Newsome had a slight edge. But round 4 goes to Byrd as he had 4 catches for 56 yards in this game. Now the question is can Dallas keep 6 WRs on the roster?

In this game, Byrd even out played their 5th round pick WR Devon Street. They like what they see in Street as far as potential goes, so I’m not sure if Dallas can make the numbers work to keep Byrd. However I do think Byrd has earned a spot on a NFL roster some where if not in Dallas.

4. DT Ken Bishop: Bishop was a 7th round pick for Dallas in the 2014 draft and with his four solo tackles and two assist last night, I believe he has secured a spot on the roster. Bishop Played at Northern Illinois and I think in preseason he had to show that he could adjust to playing at the next level. He has shown consistent improvement each week and I look for him to be part of their defensive line rotation.