The NFL: Five Things We learned in week 2.

ap_roger_goodell_mt_140911_16x9_9921. The Cowboys can win the less Romo throws the ball. The Cowboys figured out how they can win a game. a) Don’t let Romo pass much. b) keep the defense off the field. When Romo just hands the ball to Murray, and the Cowboys dominate time of possession, suddenly their defense isn’t so bad and Romo stays out of trouble. .Against the Titans, the Cowboys rushed for over 200 yards and held the ball for 2/3 of the game. Now that’s the formula they won with back in the day.

2. The Redskins offense is much more effective with Kirk Cousins at QB instead of RG3 and out. It took RG going out with an ankle injury early in the game Sunday for the Redskin leaders to figure out that their best chance to win is with Cousins running the offense. Or maybe they don’t want to admit they invested too much into RG. Last week a total of 6 points with RG at QB and this week 41 points with Cousins. Pretty emphatic I would say. As Cowboy fans, let’s just hope for a speedy recovery for RG and a return to the bench for Cousins.

3. The New Orleans “Possums” get killed on the road. So far the Saints are 0-2 on the road and last season wasn’t much better as they were 3-5 away while going 8-0 at home. Let’s just go ahead and change it to the N.O. Possums since, (all together now) “they get killed on the road”.

4. These Falcons can’t fly out doors. By losing at the Bengals, the Falcons have lost seven games in a row played in outdoor stadiums. Plans for their new stadium allow for the top to open but they may want to consider keeping it closed all the time.

5. Video evidence. There is a saying in business that, “nothing is more devastating to an opinion than a number”. For the NFL I would say we found out nothing is more devastating to an opinion than a video. As in the Ray Rice in the elevator video, that dominated NFL news this week and caused the shady NFL commissioner to do a 180 on his opinion. It made Goodell look bad or maybe he made himself look bad by evidently conducting a drive by investigation to keep a star player on field as much as possible.

Anyone else think the main stream news has become like TMZ and TMZ has become the news?

On to week 3!