Sitting Romo May Be Smart Thing To Do in London

romo sack
The Dallas Cowboys are in London preparing for a game with the Jaguars Sunday.

The latest word is that Romo will attempt to practice Thursday and is still considering playing in the game Sunday. Owner Jerry Jones is still saying he expects Romo will be fine to play to any one that will listen to his nonsense or “rubbish” as the British would say. “I’m anticipating him playing, have no reason to think that he won’t, and this will be a nice little practice session for him out there today,” Jones said. “But my expectations are for him to play.”

A broken back sounds pretty serious to me but many experts (other than Jerry) indicate that it is not a real serious injury and many have played with a similar injury before. It would appear it is going to come down to how Romo feels in a couple days and if he thinks he can do it.

But shouldn’t the Cowboys be able to defeat the 1-8 Jaguars without their starting QB? I think most would agree that the best case scenario would be to sit Romo this game and win with their backup QB then take advantage of the bye week next week to rest allowing him to heal up for the challenging stretch run of the schedule ahead. Yes, I realize who our backup QB is.

Weeden played poorly against the Cardinals last week and I don’t get the feeling that there is much confidence in him from either the coaching staff or fans which is understandable. In that particular game, I thought the Cards came in with a very good game plan while the Cowboys on the other hand, didn’t have a solid plan to win with Weeden as their QB.

The Cards defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, a Bill Parcells under study, didn’t allow Murray to take over the game and was effective at defending the run holding Murray to less than 100 yards for the first time all season. I’m not going into great detail about that game here but let’s just sum it up to say, the Cardinals coaches coached the pants off the Cowboys coaches Sunday in my view.

We all know NFL seasons are long like a marathon not a sprint, which means a team will have to win a few without a starter every now and then. Just look at the Eagles last week after their starting QB Nick Foles went down with a shoulder injury during the game, Mark Sanchez stepped in and won the game going 15/22, 202 yards and 2 TDs. They even over came a couple picks too.

Yes the same Mark Sanchez the Jets were more than willing to unload to play a young, struggling Geno Smith and an over the hill Mike Vick at quarterback instead. If the Eagles can win a game against the Texans with Sanchez, then can’t Dallas win a game against the Jags with Weeden?

Pass protection for Weeden often could have been better last week but still even with time, Weeden appeared uncomfortable, unconfident, and had zero chemistry with WR Dez Bryant. In fact no Dallas WR had a single reception until well into the second half. Heck, it’s enough to make you want to roll Romo out there in a wheel chair in London and take your chances. And don’t put that past Jerry either! But is that really the smart thing to do?

A Little Monday Morning GM Diversion:
All of this should have been addressed in the off season by Jerry Jones himself. Kyle Orton had proven to be a capable back up for Romo, and he is currently having a good season in Buffalo by the way, in fact, he has a passer rating this season that is higher than Tony Romo’s. Did you realize that? But Orton had no interest in returning to Dallas. It seems he and Romo couldn’t get along. Not much detail has been provided as to why.

The Cowboys elected to not draft a QB including Johnny Football who was available in the first round. OK that’s fine don’t need the drama I get it. But Jerry knew Romo was coming off a back surgery so as GM, a good plan for a back up was required. A plan “B” needed in a big way when the starting QB has a weak back. Jerry’s answer was to sign a mediocre Brandon Weeden with a NFL track record that suggested no one should have had high expectations for him. A pedestrian career passer rating of 71. The same as Mark Sanchez incidentally.

As team GM, if Jerry didn’t think the coaches could manage to win a game every now and then with Weeden, then he shouldn’t have signed him to begin with. Weeden is surrounded by one of the better offensive lines in the NFL and one of the best wide receivers in Dez not to mention the NFL’s leading rusher, DeMarco Murray. It’s not like Weeden will be asked to win it on his own.

It would be wise to sit Romo this game and make sure he is ready to go down the important stretch run and it is time to find out if Weeden can help this team or not. A win against the Jags may help Weeden’s confidence which could pay off later in the season. Don’t assume Romo’s back troubles are over.

But if Weeden can’t get it done, then I guess Jerry can always call the Browns and see if they really want to keep that Johnny Football guy? Not like they are using him right now.