This Dallas Cowboys Team Has Each Other’s Back

redskinsThere are two plays that stand out in my mind after the Redskins game that tell me this 2014 Cowboys team is quite different from the 2013 team. And the plays weren’t plays where the Cowboys scored in fact, one of them was actually when the Redskins scored.

First allow me to point to the team last year. Last season against the Saints, there was a kick return where Dwayne Harris was clearly shoved late out of bounds by Kevin Reddick which resulted in Harris being injured on the Saints sideline. The play surprisingly didn’t draw a flag but did result in a fine from the NFL after the play was reviewed. It was disappointing that none of Harris’ teammates showed up to let the Saints know that kind of play wouldn’t be tolerated. They went on to lose that game.

After the game, I called out Harris’s teammates in a blog, for not coming to his defense after a dirty shot from the other team and I interpreted it as disturbing sign this team was not united. I keep it real here and sometimes tell fans things they don’t want to hear but need to hear.

It may be old school, but I believe that when teammates care about each other and are willing to fight for each other, you have a team that is ready to accomplish something big. I did not see that in 2013 but I sure did see it on display in the final game of the 2014 regular season against the Redskins Sunday.

Here are the two stars of the game as far as I’m concerned:
1. WR Terrance Williams:
After catching a pass, wide receiver Cole Beasley was tackled by the face mask and I do mean the defender completely dragged him down. VIDEO A play that could have easily resulted in injury but fortunately didn’t.

The play did draw a 15 yard penalty on Redskin CB E.J. Biggers but for WR Terrance Williams, a clear statement in team unity needed to be made as he came over ready to go to battle and defend his teammate Beasley. I loved it.

2. CB Orlando Scandrick:
Late in the game, QB Robert Griffin ran a TD for the Redskins but in the endzone a late and unnecessary blind side block was thrown by Redskin receiver Pierre Garcon on Cowboy LB Kyle Wilber. Dallas CB Orlando Scandrick stepped up for his teammate and it resulted in a bit of a shoving match between the two teams. VIDEO

Again I was proud of Scandrick for letting the Redskins and any other NFL team know for that matter, these Cowboys are together.

Some will criticize the actions of Williams and especially Scandrick but for me, it’s what I would expect from teammates that are going into battle together. Two plays that may easily be over looked as insignificant but it’s a sign that these Cowboys are a united team and that could make them dangerous in the post season.

A clear message was sent to the Redskins but perhaps also to playoff opponent Detroit Lions and their dirty player poster child N-DAM-U KONG Suh, don’t bring that garbage to Dallas because these Cowboys have each other’s backs!

2 thoughts on “This Dallas Cowboys Team Has Each Other’s Back

  1. Absolutely! Remember the Super Bowl teams of the mid-90s? They didn’t take crap from anyone & especially when a player (like TO) disrespected their star in the middle of the field. This team has come together–playing lights out football & not letting anyone get in their way or get away with cheap shots against them!

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