These Six 2013 NFL Playoff Teams Could Fall to 0-2 This Week.

NFLTeamsTwelve NFL teams qualify for the postseason each year. After week one, currently half the teams who made the playoffs in 2013, are looking at falling to 0-2 this weekend. The season may not come to a crashing end for a team at 0-2 but history indicates 0-2 teams tend to not make the postseason. In fact, NFL history indicates that only 12% of teams starting the season 0-2 make the playoffs.

In 2013, 7 of 8 teams that started 0-2 did not make the playoffs. Only the Carolina Panthers were able to accomplish the unlikely feat of coming back from 0-2 to make the playoffs.

In 2012, all 7 teams that started the season 0-2 failed to make the playoffs. That means in the past two seasons only one NFL team out of 15 overcame a 0-2 start to make the playoffs. With 14 of 15, failing to make the playoffs.

A look at six NFL teams who made the playoffs last season but are looking at falling to 0-2 this week and I start with the teams I think are the most likely to fall to 0-2 and work my way to the ones who have the best chance to go 1-1. A must win week for these teams? Only if they plan to go to the postseason.

1. (0-1) Chiefs @ (1-0) Broncos
The Chiefs had one of the best come back seasons last year after finishing at the bottom in 2012. They made the playoffs in 2013 but blew a big lead to lose to the Colts 45-44. The Chiefs only managed to score 10 points in week one against the Titans and now they face a solid Broncos team in Denver. It could be a long season for the Chiefs if they lose this one and it is going to be a tough place to get a win.

I look for the on the road Chiefs to fall to 0-2 and miss the playoffs this season.

2. (1-0) Seahawks @ (0-1) Chargers
Seattle is not a good place to go play when a team needs a win so the Chargers are fortunate to get them in San Diego however it still will be a challenge. Perhaps the Chargers can score some points against the NFL’s best defense to avoid the 0-2 hole.

I look for the Chargers to likely fall to 0-2 and struggle to return to the postseason in 2014.

3. (0-1) Patriots @ (1-0) Vikings
Last week surprisingly the Patriots lost to the Dolphins and now must go play a 1-0 Vikings team that is much improved over last season. It’s going to be difficult for Brady and the gang to get a win at Minnesota this week to go 1-1.

The Patriots can win this game but I don’t think it will be easy at all. If they do fall to 0-2, could the Patriots miss the playoffs in 2014?

4. (1-0) Eagles @ (0-1) Colts
Last week the Colts lost at Denver which is certainly understandable but this week they need to get a win at home against an Eagles team that can score some points. Last week the Eagles started slowly but came from behind to beat the Jaguars. Last season the Eagles were much better on the road than at home so the Colts could have their hands full to get their first win.

I think the Colts are in for a real battle to avoid an 0-2 start and make the playoffs again.

5. (1-0) Jets @ (0-1) Packers
The Packers lost at Seattle like everyone else does but this week they return home to face a Jets team they should be able defeat.

I like the odds that the Packers win and improve to 1-1 keeping playoff hopes alive.

6. (0-1) Saints @ (0-1) Browns
Last week the Saints lost an important NFC South game to the Falcons in O.T. The Saints Defense allowed 37 points and a very generous 448 yards of offense. Their defense must play better this week in Cleveland for the Saints to get their first win and remain in the playoff hunt.

I expect the Saints to out score the Browns and go to 1-1.


Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: Broncos Stumble as Seahawks Roll

A power ranking of all 32 NFL teams after week 14 play.

The Twist: Each week my top 12 ranked teams will consist of 6 NFC teams and 6 AFC teams since 6 from each conference will qualify for the post season. I reflect the top 12 teams most likely to make the playoffs each week.

Each week, I have one NFC team and one AFC team in the top two to reflect who may end up in the super bowl.

TOP 12:
Manning and the Broncos didn’t look into it as they fell to the Chargers on Thursday night.The Seahawks move back on top at #1 as they rolled over the Giants. I really like the Seahawks chances to represent the NFC in the super bowl.

Taking advantage of the Lions loss on MNF to the Ravens, the Bears move into the top 12 as the Lions drop down 4 spots to 15. The Lions hold a tie breaker advantage over the Bears by defeating them twice this year but for now, the Bears have a better record.

WEEK 16 / Change
1. Seahawks (12-2) ↑1
2. Broncos (11-3) ↓1
3. Saints (10-4) 0
4. Panthers (10-4) 0
5. Chiefs (11-3) ↑1
6. Patriots (10-4) ↓1
7. 49ers (10-4) ↑1
8. Bengals (9-5) ↓1
9. Colts (9-5) 0
10. Eagles (8-6) 0
11. Bears (8-6) ↑4
12. Ravens (8-6) 0
13. Cardinals (9-5) 0
14. Dolphins (8-6) 0
15. Lions (7-7) ↓4
16. Chargers (7-7) ↑1
17. Packers (7-6-1) ↑4
18. Cowboys (7-7) ↓2
19. Steelers (6-8) ↑3
20. Rams (6-8) ↑3
21. Jets (6-8) ↓3
22. Titans (5-9) ↓3
23. Bills (5-9) ↑6
24. Giants (5-9) ↓4
25. Vikings (4-9-1) ↑3
26. Bucs (4-10) ↓1
27. Raiders (4-10) ↓1
28. Browns (4-10) ↓1
29. Jaguars (4-10) ↓5
30. Falcons (4-10) 0
31. Redskins (3-11) 0
32. Texans (2-12) 0

Barron, Buffalo Bills, Chargers, and the Coach in the Hoodie: Draft Plot Thickens

What a difference a few weeks can make. Early in the draft process it appeared that picking Safety Mark Barron at #14 was going to be a bit of a reach for the Cowboys. But now Barron appears to be one of the hottest prospect in the draft. Perhaps even moving into the top 10 players taken.

On the day before the draft, the Bills at pick #10 seem very interested in Barron. LINK  Also the Chargers seem interested in moving up to take him and even Bilichick and the Patriots have been rumored interested in moving up to take Barron, considered the best safety in the draft. PATS

Are the Bills bluffing their interest in Barron in order to orchestrate a trade down? The Bills have expressed an interest in trading down to add picks but to do that, you need a partner. If a team is locked in on Barron, like the Chargers or Cowboys, they just might dance with the Bills to make a deal.

It’s not clear how sincere the Bills’ interest in Barron may be, but most mocks have had the Bills taking a WR or an offensive lineman. Two areas of need for sure. The Bills may actually have their eyes on a WR or OG later in the first round and are willing to trade down.

Will the Cowboys be willing to trade up to get Barron?

I don’t think so. From the start, coach Jason Garrett has made it clear that his approach is to get the best available with their pick. In fact he addressed many of their needs in the off season in order to keep their options open on draft day. So Dallas is not in a position where they must pick a safety, guard or any other position in the first round for that matter.

It’s also not for certain that Barron is the guy Dallas wants to draft the most. They have had several top players visit Valley Ranch before the draft so I don’t get the impression that they are locked in on Barron in the first. I do think they like him a lot but may not be willing to trade up to get him.

If the Cowboys sit tight at 14, it is pretty likely that Barron will come to them but if he doesn’t, there are several prospects in the first round that could impact the Cowboys immediately. In fact, if Barron goes off the board before 14, that means that some pretty darn good players are going to drop farther down than expected.

Locking in on a specific player in the draft can often lead to paying too much to get that guy. Teams will take advantage of that “man crush”. It’s just the way the game is played. I think back to last year when the Falcons were fixated on WR Julio Jones and mortgaged their future in order to move up in the draft to select him.

Jones has been a good WR for sure but I just think the Falcons are going to see the day they wished they had all those picks back. Look how Dallas discovered Laurent Robinson in free agency and he was a highly productive wide receiver that cost them little.

Buckle up Cowboy fan because Thursday night may be a bumpy ride with lots of prime time drama. It may not be for the faint of heart.