Dallas Cowboys add a Couple New Faces Before Camp

tanney1Pending a physical, the Cowboys are looking to add offensive tackle Demetress Bell and QB Alex Tanney.

Demetress Bell:

It can’t be a good sign that it took Demetress 28 years to learn how to correctly spell his name. According to Wiki, he spelled his name Demetrius until 2012 when he learned it was actually spelled Demetress. OK he isn’t exactly a fast learner.

Wiki also says that he is the son of former NBA player Karl “the mailman” Malone who evidently made a few “special deliveries” over the years since Demetress doesn’t carry his last name. Wiki reports that Bell’s mom was 13 when she became pregnant.

 The Cowboys need help at tackle after another poor performance from Doug Free last season but I’m not so sure they found it in Bell. Pro Football Focus has Bell ranked a very lowly -24.5. That’s even worse than Free! It’s disappointing when you consider there were some quality free agent tackles out there that Jerry Jones could have signed.

Bell has started for the Bills including a large number of penalties, but suffered a knee injury and then went to the Eagles.  The Eagles cut Bell because of salary cap reasons but also because his play wasn’t very good in place of an injured Peters. Fans should keep expectations low here. Bell may make Free look like a good option.  

Alex Tanney:

Last year I blogged about Tanney’s impressive trick shot video.  A link to that entertaining video is in my blog HERE.  If Tanney fails to make the Cowboys 53 man roster, Jerry should consider having Tanney perform his passing tricks at halftime to entertain the home crowd. Tanney could go to the upper deck and bounce a football off the huge screen TV that hangs over the field and into a trash can below or something. It’s already a circus environment there anyway.

Currently Dallas only has three QBs with Romo, Kyle Orton, and Nick Stephens. Romo is coming off surgery so it makes sense that Dallas will need another QB to get through the preseason games. Tanney put together some very impressive stats at Division III Monmouth College with 14,249 passing yards and 157 TDs. In the video he demonstrates a strong arm and impressive accuracy. Got to like his 6’4″ height too.

I think this Tanney kid is worth a good like by Dallas. Sure he has a lot of developing to do but if he can toss a football into the arms of a college buddy flying down the road in the back of a pick up truck, then surely he can hit Dez Bryant sprinting down the sideline. Just sayin’.


Trick Shot QB, Alex Tanney Update

Alex Tanney’s “Trick Shot QB” video, begins with him firing a football through an open house window and into the hands of a person in the back of a pick up truck as it speeds past his house. Not sure how many takes were required to get it, but regardless it is impressive to watch.Trick shot video.

Like that house window in the video, Tanney’s “window of opportunity” to make an NFL team is still open. I blogged in May HERE that Tanney was trying out with the Buffalo Bills however they did not sign him. This week the KC Chiefs signed Tanney and brought him into their OTAs as the 4th QB.

Evidently Chiefs QB Coach Jim Zorn, a former NFL QB, was impressed with Tanney. HERE

Tanney played at Division III school, Monmouth College, where he undeniably put up some impressive passing stats. He also comes to the NFL with ideal size of 6 foot 4 and 220 pounds, a strong arm and as his viral video demonstrates, uncanny passing accuracy.

If all that is enough to land him a spot on an NFL 53 man roster, remains to be seen. But as Tanney demonstrates in his video, long shots are his specialty.

7/18/13 UPDATE: Tanney works out for the Cowboys.

Alex Tanney Trick Shot QB to Tryout With Bills

Alex Tanney flawlessly executing a trick shot.

Alex Tanney, known as the trick shot QB, will get an opportunity to make an NFL roster. He will workout with the Buffalo Bills. His youtube VIDEO got him noticed with his uncanny accuracy.

He throws the football from 50 yards and hits the goal post…on one knee. Accurately tosses a football to a WR sitting in the back of a moving pick up truck and throws it through basketball goals from long distances.

Now if you think he is just clowning around, he has ideal QB size at 6-4, 220 lbs and while at Monmouth College set records at DIV III level as all time leader in passing yards 14,249 and division leader in TDs thrown 157.

I wouldn’t bet against Alex making an NFL roster but if he doesn’t, he can put on one heck of a halftime show.