Bengals sign former Dallas Cowboy Terrance Newman: Wizard of Oz in Cinncinnati with former Cowboys.

"No tackle" "No parole" "No cover"

Today the Bengals came to terms with former Dallas Cowboy CB Terrance Newman. Good luck with that Bengals fans. Yes you may have unloaded a weak offensive guard on Jerry Jones in the free agent signing of Nate Livings but we get the last laugh now that you have injury prone, tackle whiffing, and (Giants WR) Victor Cruz’s (B-word) Newman.

As if that isn’t enough to depress Bengal fans, you currently have former Cowboy safety, Roy Williams and former Cowboy, Pacman Jones. Now you have a guy that can’t cover (Williams), a guy that can’t tackle (Newman) and a guy that can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law (Jones).

It’s like the Wizard of Oz in Cincinnati, a guy with no heart (Williams) a guy with no courage (Newman) and a guy with no brain (Jones). “Follow the yellow brick road” to the bottom of your division.

If there is one thing worse than having to endure the awful personnel decisions of Jerry Jones, it must be having to endure the players that he has moved on from.

Cruz "posterizes" Newman.