High Roller Orlando Scandrick Appears on Million Dollar Listing L.A.

Josh Altman talking with Orlando’s business manager Jamie. Josh and Jamie attended Syracuse U.

Recently Dallas Cowboys DB Orlando Scandrick appeared on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. Orlando met with the show’s high end real estate guru Josh Altman who is the buttoned up one from the east coast who always wears a suit. Orlando was looking for a crib near Hollywood because he said “I’m still young” and he is a California kid. He pointed out that football won’t last forever. After the season Scandrick had last season, it may be even shorter than he realizes.

Prior to the 2011 season, Orlando signed a contract with Dallas for $28.2 million and $10 million guaranteed. However he went out and had a very mediocre performance at best. Talked about it in a blog here.

Orlando tells Josh that his price range is 2-6 million for a house that is about 4,000 square feet that will be for him and his two daughters. And he emphasized he wants new. Predictably the savvy real estate agent, Josh, takes him to the top of his price range and shows him a house that is $6 million. (What commissioned agent wouldn’t?)

While Josh is showing him the house, Orlando is preoccupied with his phone which Josh clearly finds annoying. Come on Orlando, you’re looking at making a $6 million investment in a home for your family. It’s important. You may want to shut the phone down a minute and pay attention.

Finally Orlando says that he is tired and not really into looking at houses the rest of the day although Josh has more lined up. Not exactly a considerate or unselfish type. Orlando decides he will delegate this small 6 million dollar decision to his business manager. Since it’s just wasting his time that he could be doing other important things like texting.

Have to say that Orlando came across on the show as a jerk. He did nothing to change the opinions people tend to have about prima donna athletes with lots of money but too often not quite as much money as they think they have. “Ghetto rich” if you will.

Orlando presented himself as a little arrogant and certainly not a mature guy. His business sense appeared non-existent and frankly he did not represent the Cowboys well.

So Orlando’s Business Manager, Jamie, meets Josh at a $4 million listing. Nice two story master bedroom and a view of the Hollywood sign. Jamie keeps it real with Josh upfront by telling him he isn’t going to let Orlando lay down $4-6 million for a house that he may end up losing later. Make it more like $2 million Jamie tells Josh. Probably a wise move.

But I can’t help but wonder how much money Jamie is getting from Orlando to make sure he spends his money wisely? Jamie didn’t seem to know any more about real estate than Orlando. He just wanted to take the price of a place down from $6 million to $2 million but demonstrated no knowledge of the L.A. market or insight of what house may be a good investment or not.

In his blog, Josh says Jamie is a pleasure to work with and they seem to have a bond from attending Syracuse. Jamie’s appearance felt a little like a commercial for his pro athlete business manager business.  An “I stand up for my clients” kind of message.

Still it’s little wonder that many of these athletes get a big contract then find themselves broke later trying to pay child support to stay out of jail.

Spoiler Update: Orlando purchases Hollywood home for $2.1 Million.

4 thoughts on “High Roller Orlando Scandrick Appears on Million Dollar Listing L.A.

  1. Holy Shit, what a arrogant prick he must be, These jerkoffs get coddled and it really is loathsome. Glad he’s on the Cowboys.

    – Giants Fan

  2. Not worried, Coughlin and others on the team will kick him into shape, The Mara/Tisch families do not tolerate attitudes like this jerk-off 🙂 We are winners because we play like a family, not individually..

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